Chess Programming

I think it would be really spiffy to have a comprehensive chess database, with a list of all of the games in my various chess books in it. Perhaps a mechanism to recognize current positions, definitely some way of seeing all of the text comments that are relevant, and showing who made what move next.

Another cool thing would be several AI programs, to advise on tactical and strategic data.

The hardest part, I imagine, would be taking general ideas and seeing the patterns.

Programming Notes

Each piece can be represented in as few as 3 bits

000 Empty
001 P Pawn
010 N Knight
011 B Bishop
100 R Rook
101 Q Queen
110 K King

If you add another bit to indicate color, that is 4 bits of data. In 64 squares, that would be a total of 256 bits/position, or 32 bytes, or 4 ulongs.

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