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Dungeon Keeper is a lovely gem of a game. You instruct imps to dig for gold, you build a dungeon, you build rooms, you manage resources, you amass a small army of monsters, and you create and set traps. Tons of fun. I found the original version to be a bit more fun than version 2, but they are both worth your time.

Now for the down side. It crashes a lot under XP, which can get frustrating. In the end, I uninstalled it due to the frustration of the crashing. But it was fun while it lasted.

Guide to keeping better dungeons
Dungeon Keeper 2

And some bad news: Development On Dungeon Keeper 3 Has Ceased

If you found a Dungeon Keeper 2 installation disk, you may need to update it. You are looking for the "Dungeon Keeper 2 version 1.7 Patch". I found that it crashed as much after the patch as it did before, but with better graphics, so its a keeper.

To activate the cheats, Hit CTRL + ALT + C. You should hear a stone grinding sound. Then type one of the following. Confirmed cheats are in green:

now the rain has gone - reveals the entire map.
show me the money - Fill your dungeon heart and all treasure rooms with gold.
feel the power - Increase all your creatures to level 10
this is my church - makes all rooms available to you.
fit the best - all traps and doors
i believe its magic - all spells researched level 1
do not fear the reaper - complete level

I found the game to be most fun with the map revealed. I also found that if the same level crashed on me several times that skipping ahead with the "do not fear the reaper" cheat to be a good solution.

I would love to see what the old Maxis (before EA) could have done with this game. This concept would be interesting to see blended with Sim City, or one of the other classics.

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