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Abbreviations and Definitions

!Bang is a term for the exclamation character
</:-)Witch smiling
</;-)Witch winking
.plan(AKA Plan or Finger) A .plan is a personal log that game developers and other prominent people in the gaming scene can update that other people can see. You will often see them referred to on this and other sites. You will often find tasty tidbits straight from the horse's mouth in these.
/ignore, /IA way to avoid spam. Ignore the names you wish never to hear from again.
/loc, loc, locationCoordinates showing one's exact location, gained by using the /loc command on the command line.
:( or =(Frown, unhappy
:) or =)Smiley face, happy
:/Skeptical smily, or a grimace
:pTongue down smily
:xKiss, or secret
Big Grin
\Whack is a term for the slash character, an example of usage might be Whack Whack Localhost (meaning the path \\localhost).
1I, L, one, won
1:1Pronounced "one-on-one." A regularly scheduled (usually weekly) meeting between a supervisor and a subordinate
1ed1st edition rules (original) circa 1978
2Z, to, two
2bctndTo be continued
2ed2nd edition rules (revised) circa 1989
2g4uToo good for you
32KThe act of an NPC or a spellcaster's pet committing suicide.
3DReal life.
3ed3rd edition rules circa 2000
4H, for
404Someone who's clueless. 404 Not Found, meaning that the requested document could not be located.
4yeoFor your eyes only
5KFive fold kiss
8B, ate
A-dashPrefix used for e-mail names (transcribed as "a-") and in conversation to distinguish Microsoft contractors (also see Orange Badge), who are hourly and paid by temp agencies, from Microsoft employees (see Blue Badge, Headcount), who have salaries and vesting stock options. A stands for agency hire, V stands for vendor hire.
A/S/LAge Sex Location
AAAlright already, or Approach Anxiety (Fear of approaching a set or girl due to an already assumed rejection)
Absolute VariableA variable declared to exist at a fixed location in memory rather than letting the computer determine its location
Abuse of FunctionalityAn attack technique that uses the features and functionality of a web site to consume, defraud, or circumvent the site’s access controls. See also “Denial of Service”
ACArmor Class. A measurement of the protective value provided by armour and various spells. 2. Asheron's Call. Another massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 3. Adult content
Action ItemSomething you need to follow up on as part of your ownership of an issue.
ActiveX controlsA program, called a “control”, developed using ActiveX controls technologies. ActiveX controls controls can be downloaded and executed within technology-enabled Web browsers. ActiveX controls is a set of rules for how applications should share information. ActiveX controls controls can be developed in C, C++, Visual Basic, and Java. See also “Java”, “Java Applets”, “JavaScript”, “Web Browser”
ADCApplication Development Consultant
AddressA specific location in memory
AdminTypically, someone who is in charge of something, a database, a forum, a network, a server, or business operations. Do not annoy the admins.
AdminisphereOrganizationally speaking, the levels above the rank and file. The adminisphere is characterized by cluelessness about issues that you are well versed in and tends to make inappropriate or irrelevant policy decisions that ignore your expert input.
AdminsAdminstrator - Ultimate god of the game or forum
ADND-LAdvanced Dungeon's and Dragon's List
AE, AOE - Area (of) Effect.Referring to spells that affect all valid targets in a specific area, rather than a single target. May also refer to the actual area such a spell would affect.
afaik, AFIKAs far as I know
AFCAFC—noun [average frustrated chump]: a stereotypical nice guy who has no pickup skills or understanding of what attracts women; a man who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy patterns of behavior around women he has not yet slept with.
AFKIn PVP games it means 'A free kill', otherwise 'Away from keyboard'
aggro, agroAggresive. NPCs that attack on sight are said to be aggro.
AIArtificial Intelligence - Code controlling Bots
AIELike ARGH only not as loud
AIMAmerican Indian Movement, or AOL Instant Messenger
AKAAlso known as
AKASHAThe fifth element which permeates the universe. It embraces the other elements (earth, air, fire, water) which are said to stem from it
AlgorithmA set of rules that defines the solution to a problem
AliasE-mail name for individual or group
All at sealost because of lack of knowledge of one’s position (confused and disorganized)
All CityTo get your name up in every burough/neighborhood in town.
all-you-can-eatAny quest that gives items and can be completed repeatedly.
AllocateTo reserve memory for a particular purpose, usually from the heap
alpha, alpha lootUsing alphabetical order to determine who should loot each kill. Alpha item means to that each person loots until they receive an item. Alpha 2pp means that each person shall loot until they receive at least a total of 2pp. cf. master loot, honor loot
ALTARA flat surface used for rituals, preferably of natural materials such as wood or stone
AMOGnoun [alpha male of the group or alpha male other guy]: a socially comfortable male who competes with a pickup artist for a woman or interferes with a pickup artist's game. Origin: 01d_Dog. 2. verb: to remove a potential male competitor—through physical, verbal, or psychological tactics—from a group of women
AMULETAn object charged to protect the bearer. It is often a natural object such as a feather, shell or stone
amy whip, AOFAmygdalan Tendril, a Warrior-only 1-handed slashing weapon from the Planes.
Anchoran external stimulus (a sight, sound, or touch) that triggers a specific emotional or behavioral response, such as a song that makes one happy because it's reminiscent of a positive life event.
ANKHEgyptian "Cross of Life" which represents the union of male and female and was regarded as a universal life charm. The symbol is a cross with a looped, oval top
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
Anti-AutomationSecurity measure that prevents automated programs from exercising web site functionality by administering the Turing Test to a user, which only a human could pass. See also “Visual Verification”
AOLAmerican On Line
AOsAdvanced Options
AoTSome creature spawned by a quest in Paineel.
APIApplication Programming Interface
AppAn unappetizing shorthand abbreviation of application, meaning a way of using a product or program. Ex: "That app doesn't work on the PowerMAC."
Application ServerA software server, normally using HTTP, which has the ability to execute dynamic web applications. Also known a middleware, this piece of software is normally installed on or near the web server where it can be called upon. See also “Web Application”, “Web Server”
ARCHETYPESUniversal symbols that speak to us in the language of the subconscious
ARGUsually said when shot down in an online game
Argh!Scared, shocked, starteled. Sometimes used as "yes" by Trolls.
Argota language primarily developed to disguise conversation, originally because of a criminal enterprise, though the term is also used loosely to refer to informal jargon.
ArgumentAlternative name for a parameter
ArrayA sequential group of identical data elements that are arranged as a single data structure and accessible by an index
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASCAuthorized Support Center
ASCII character setAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange's standard set of numbers to represent the characters and control signals used by computers
ASD[anti-slut defense]: the maneuvers some people make to avoid taking responsibility for initiating or agreeing to sex; or in order to avoid appearing slutty to the man she is with, to her friends, to society, or to herself. This can occur before or after sex, or it can prevent sex from occurring.
AskUsed as a noun, preceded by "the," as in "What's the ask?", which basically means "What are you asking ?", or "What's the bottom line?", or, more simply, "What's the question?" Essentially, then, a gratuitous verb-to-noun transmogrification, creating a useless synonym for question.
ASLAge / Sex / Location
AssemblerA program that converts assembly-language programs into machine language
Assembly LanguageThe first language level above machine language. Assembly language is specific to the microprocessor it is running on. The major difference between assembly language and machine language is that assembly language provides mnemonics, making it easier to read and write
Assignment StatementA statement that assigns a specific value to an identifier
At loose endsa reference to idle sailors being assigned to check that rigging is secure (idle)
ATCAuthorized Training Center
AthameBlack handled, double edged witch knife
ATMAt The Moment, or any person serving as a means of economic exchange, by trading small quantities of large valued coins (such as gold or platinum) for large quantities of small coins (such as coppers) to help people burdened by their loot. e.g. ""ATM service! 120 copper gets you 1 gold!"" ""At the moment."" e.g. ""The Goblin Knight isn't here ATM, but he'll pop any second."" [From 'Automatic Teller Machine']
ATTAt the time
AuthenticationThe process of verifying the identity or location of a user, service or application. Authentication is performed using at least one of three mechanisms: “something you have”, “something you know” or “something you are”. The authenticating application may provide different services based on the location, access method, time of day, etc. See also “Insufficient Authentication”
AuthorPerson who assembles various multimedia components—text, audio, graphics—into a cohesive presentation. Not to be confused with a traditional author in fiber media (q.v.), who is known in cybermedia as a content provider (q.v.). Also used as a verb ("You need to finish production so Mark can author that piece.")
AuthorizationThe determination of what resources a user, service or application has permission to access. Accessible resources can be URL’s, files, directories, servlets, databases, execution paths, etc. See also “Insufficient Authorization”
avoAviak Avocet. Fairly tough variety of Aviak residing in South Karana.
awhfyAre we having fun yet?
B/FBoy friend
B1, B2, B3Specific locations in Lake Rathetear where Aviak Guards spawn. B1 spawns one guard, B2 spawns 2, etc. cf. 1 Bird, Bird 1, et al..
BABSBored as bat shit
baby, babysitTo assist a (very) low level character by healing, rooting or otherwise providng massive assistance during combats. Does not refer to providing protective spells, however. cf. twink, sugar daddy/momma.
Backup File Disclosure(Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”
backwashA train returning to it's various spawn points after losing or killing it's target. e.g. "I'd been fine, except some twit dumped a train at the zone, and I got caught in the backwash." cf. walker, train.
BAHSaid if you totally disagree with what someone said
Bail Outremove water from (assist or rescue)
BaileA dance
baitSee pull
BAKBack At Keyboard
bamf, bamphTo teleport or gate. e.g. "So long guys - gotta bamf and sell before I camp."
BanTo curse
band-aidA Cleric or other healing character. 2. Bandages - especially summoned ones. e.g. "Anyone got some band-aids for my booboos?"
BandwidthEssentially a cumbersome synonym for "time," as in "I don't have the bandwidth to deal with that issue," but with implications beyond the merely temporal, encompassing the larger issue of mental resources or capacity. Also, "mindshare" (as in share of mind available to deal with the issue).
BangWord for the ""!"" character
BannedNot allowed to post or play
barThe experience, mana, stamina and health indicators. cf. bub, bubble. (P.n) The Barroom in Unrest. e.g. "We're holding down the Bar - you wanna come?"
BarbieBarbarian - specifically of the female gender.
bard gateSee EverQuest Express.
BarrowBurial Ground
barshOgres and Trolls often refer to melee combat as barshing. "Me go barsh lizzies!"
BaseThe area of the map with the flag in a CTF map. There are generally 2 bases, Red and Blue.
Base TypeThe types of values in an array
Basic AuthenticationA simple form of client-side authentication supported in HTTP. The http-client sends a request header to the web server containing a Base64 encoded username and password. If the username/password combination is valid, the web server grants the client access to the requested resource. See also “Authentication”, “Insufficient Authentication”
bath timeA term used by some magicians to describe Fire Bolt. e.g. "Alright, Cornflake, it's bath time!" [from the message generated by the spell: "XXX is bathed in fire!"]
BBBright Blessings, or Be Back, or Butcherblock (also BBM), an area on the western coast of Faydwer. Noted for the docks which transport travelers to Antonica, and also for the Citadel of Kaladim. 2. Black Burrow, an area north of Qeynos hills that connects to Everfrost. Black Burrow is known for it's population of fearsome Gnolls."
BBBBored beyond belief
BBCBone Bladed Claymore. A powerful magic weapon found in Befallen.
BBIABShortand for Be Back In A Bit.
BBLBe back later
BBSBe Back Soon
BCBecause, or Stiletto of the Bloodclaw. A magical dagger. cf. SBC.
BCNUBe Seeing You
bearheadAny Barbarian - especially wearing a leather helm (which appears as a bear's head).
beetle pasteVery very difficult. Equivalent to a deep deep deep red. If red is "You're gonna die", then beetle paste means you, and five of your friends are going to die
beg outPolitely removing yourself from a group by coming up with an excuse to leave, "Gotta dash", "Need to help a friend", "Guild is calling me", "Have to go raid"
BetaThe period before Everquest was released to the general public, during which only a comparative handful of folks could play the game (for testing purposes). Usually used to indicate lengthy experience with Everquest
BFGBig Gun
BGBig Grin
BIBSBlackened Iron Bastard Sword, a very nice weapon, found on the Goblin Knight in Runnyeye. Sometimes called the BIT (Blackened Iron Toothpick) due to it's small size.
BICBlackened Iron Crown. Good headwear, found in Runnyeye.
Big R/Little RArchaic but still used by lifers. In the now-obsolete Xenix e-mail system, an upper-case "R" was used for a general reply ("reply all"), while a lower-case "r" denoted a response to the sender only. Thus, a "little r only" request in e-mail means "reply only to me," or "keep the lid on this."
BIMBlackened Iron Medallion. Nice neckwear
BinaryBase 2; a method of representing numbers using only two digits, 0 and 1
Binary ProblemA method of paring down a complex issue to a two-possible-solutions scenario (yes or no, 1 or 0, stop or go, etc.)
bindResets the location a PC will respawn in the event that they die. 2: Assigning one or more game commands to a key or button so they execute when it is pressed
bing!See ding.
bingoGroup looting scenario where anyone loots anything, and sometimes someone get's lucky.
BitA binary digit with a value of either 0 or 1. The smallest unit of data in a computer
Bitch Shielda defensive response to deter unknown men who approach her. Though her reaction to an opening line may be rude, this does not necessarily mean the woman herself is rude, or even impossible to engage in a conversation.
BiteTo copy another writer's style.
BITE MEA come back to some who just said something to annoy you
BitstormA volume of traffic on a service high enough to cause the digital equivalent of gridlock.
Black HoleA project requiring infinite amounts of work.
BLAMESTORMINGSitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.
Bleeding edgeSynonym for "cutting edge," with an added implication of the pioneer's vulnerability. Ex: "We're really on the bleeding edge with this product.
BloatwareSoftware that takes up a huge and disproportionate amount of space on your hard drive. Synonym: Spacehog.
BlockThe associated declaration and statement parts of a program or subprogram
Blocking IssueA barrier or problem that prevents a neat solution to an issue. Usually technical but can be any sort of potential roadblock.
BLOOD OF THE MOONMenstrual blood
BloodclawSee BC
Blue Badge (or Blue Card)(sometimes, slightly derogatorily, blue badger, or just plain blue) Synonym for full-time Microsoft employees, the Brahmins of the deeply ingrained Microsoft caste system, whose card keys have a blue background rather than the orange used for contractors (see Orange Badge) and green for vendors. Derivative terms include "turn blue," meaning to earn full-time status.
bluebecite, blubeciteLambent armour (as the replacement for Rubicite).
blueberryAny person wearing full Lambent or Crafted armour. cf. candy apple.
Bluran occurrence in which a woman stops returning calls, although she was initially interested in the man phoning.
BMUSBeam Me Up Scotty
boatOne of the ships that travel between continent's. cf. ship. Also, any of a number of small rowboats that can be controlled directly by players. To control one of the small boats, stand in it, and click on the hull. You have the helm!
BoBBracers of Battle. Wrist armour found in Crushbone.
BodyThe instructions pertaining to a program or subprogram (a procedure or function)
BombProlific painting or marking with ink., or To use a very high powered direct-damage spell. cf. nuke, hose, burn. (n.) Any high-powered direct damage spell
Bone outTo leave "Ayo Cops!! Bone Out"
boogeymanAny spellcaster who uses a large amount of fear spells. e.g. ""Who was that boogeyman in the West Commons? He toasted my whole party, one at a time!"" Also, a tough monster in the Fear Plane
BOOK OF SHADOWSA book of spells, rituals, recipes, and other guides and materials
BookmarkTo make note of a prospective hire ("I bookmarked her after I saw her speak at a convention"; "Bookmark him, Danno"). Derived from the Web practice of bookmarking favorite sites.
BooleanA data type that can have a value of true or false
BOOPThis particular four-letter acronym is especially disarming; it stands for "Bill and the Office Of the President," meaning Bill Gates and his three top honchos. At one time you could e-mail to BOOP and the message would get to those four gentlemen. After a reorg (q.v.) on December 3, 1996, BOOP was replaced by the less-endearing Executive Committee.
bootSee speedyfeet. (v.) To get disconnected from EverQuest
BOSBook Of Shadows
BotA computer player. Generally it's a compliment to be accused of being one.
bounceTo leave a zone and immediately get knocked back into the zone you just left due to someone blocking the zone entrance. A common occurrence for those going into West Karana from Qeynos Hills. Can be deadly if you're zoning to escape a train. cf. bump (2.).
BouncerThe Ogre Bouncer NPC who patrols the entrance to Cazic-Thule. Very aggressive to non-evil races.
BouncingGoing off the air—for repairs, a new app, or other internal tinkering. "The system is bouncing at 4:30 and should be up in 20 minutes."
BP1. Breastplate. Can refer to any armour for the torso. eg. ""Dude - I just got this awesome new BP - isn't it awesome?"" 2. Black Pearls. Very rare and valuable gemstone."
BracesThe characters { and } sometimes called curly brackets
BracketsThe characters [ and ] sometimes called square brackets
BraindumpA process by which a departing employee or contractor imparts the essential information vital to performing his or her job to the designated replacement. The process normally consumes no more than five minutes immediately prior to the incumbent's departure from the company, nevermore to return.
BRBBe Right Back or Bath Room Break
BrileTo roast meat on a sharpened stick over an open fire
Broad in the beamsaid of a wide vessel (said of a large-hipped woman)
BrokenTemporarily disabled; currently not working ("You can't access the site right now; it's broken"). There's a distinct (and often optimistic) air of impermanence about this term, implying a deep-rooted faith that anything can be fixed.
brokerAny player character who buys or sells items for the entire party because of better merchant prices caused by high Charisma, faction, etc.
brownA very very tough monster
BRTBe right there.
Brute ForceAn automated process of trial and error used to guess the “secret” protecting a system. Examples of these secrets include usernames, passwords or cryptographic keys. See also “Authentication”, “Insufficient Authentication”, “Password Recover System”, “Weak Password Recovery Validation”
BSBullshit, or Backstab. A Rogue ability to do increased damage by stabbing a creature in it's unprotected back. (adj.) Bloodstained. A variety of magic armour.
BTBBy The Book
BTDTBeen There Done That
BTWBy the Way.
bub, bubbleThe experience, mana, stamina and health indicators. So called because they look like 5 connected bubbles.
BUCKOne dollar
BucketA virtual container in which tasks can be dumped: e.g., "Stick that interface issue in Ed's bucket." Sometimes, a container in which low-priority concepts can be consigned: "Toss that simple exit function in the feature bucket; we don't have the bandwidth to deal with it this build."
buffTo cast enhancement spells on a target. (n.) Any such enhancing spell. 2: Any means employed by the Transit Authority to remove graffiti from trains.
buff hunterOne who goes around looking for buffs from anyone who can cast them. Especially applied to people who petulantly whine to every Druid or Shaman they see. eg. ""SOW, please?!"" Also - buff hunting, buff begging, the act of hunting for buffs.
BufferAn area of memory allocated as temporary storage
Buffer OverflowAn exploitation technique that alters the flow of an application by overwriting parts of memory. Buffer Overflows are a common cause of malfunctioning software. If the data written into a buffer exceeds its size, adjacent memory space will be corrupted and normally produce a fault. An attacker may be able to utilize a buffer overflow situation to alter an application's process flow. Overfilling the buffer and rewriting memory-stack pointers could be used to execute arbitrary operating-system commands
BugA mistake, glitch or error in a program. Sytax errors refer to incorrect use of the rules of the programming language; logic errors refer to the incorrect strategy in the program to accomplish the intended result.
BuildThe drive to complete a project or new version of a product; The process of recompiling all the units used by a program
BumpTo move a message to the front by replying to it; To readdress an issue after an unsatisfactory response.
bunnyRefers to a single monster as it is in the process of being ""pulled,"" especially if it is a particularly easy kill
burnerA spellcaster capable of doing large amounts of direct damage to a target. 2: A well done wildstyle window down whole car; a burner is a winner. In tennis, an ace.
busSee taking the bus.
bus fareThe amount charged to be teleported somewhere. cf. taking the bus.
BusDev(pron. BIZ-dev) Short for business development
butt-scratch brigadeAny large party comprised mostly or entirely of Ogres and Trolls. So named because of their disturbing tendency to scratch their butts at all times
Buttoned DownCompliment, meaning tightly reasoned, clear, concise, etc.
Buyoff(Also buy-off) Approval from above; green light. "We need BOOP's buyoff before this project's a go.
Buzzword BingoDeeply, perhaps uniquely cynical pastime, a competition taking place at company meetings. The meetings, essentially monster pep rallies usually held at the Kingdome, feature inspirational speeches from top company execs; in buzzword bingo you're electronically issued a bingo card inscribed with Microjargon and industry catch phrases deemed likely to crop up in the day's orations, and every time one of your buzzwords is spoken you get credit. Overzealous players have been known to leap up in the middle of a speech and proclaim "Bingo!"
By and largesaid in reference to steering slightly off the wind to ease effort and decrease the risk of slowing (in general, without special consideration)
ByteA sequence of 8 bits
C&TCombat and Tactics rulebook (optional combat rules)
C&WCakes And Wine
C*HBComplete * Handbook, *=(F)ighters, (T)hieves, (N)injas, etc.
c, cpCopper. Smallest unit of currency in EverQuest. 10 Copper equals 1 Silver, 100 Copper to a Gold, and 1000 Copper to a single Platinum.
cafeteria"The tunnel entrance in East commons, which is usually full of players hanging around, loosely organized by level. Like the cafeteria in high school."
Calibrateto read the verbal and nonverbal responses of a person or group and accurately deduce what they are thinking or feeling at that moment
CallTo call a suprogram (procedure or function) to execute
camel jockey"One who causes deaths of others by kiting. eg. ""I was in Oasis the other day when some camel jockey kited Habib down the beach, oh the humanity!"" cf. kiting. "
camo, cammie"Camoflage. A Druid or Ranger spell that provides a sort of invisibility, but only outdoors. Improved Camoflage, also a Druid or Ranger spell works indoors as well. "
camp"To wait near an NPC's known respawn point in an attempt to kill it repeatedly, either for experience or rare items. EQ Combat etiquette states that simply ""camping"" an area does not grant one full ""range-rights"" to all NPCs that spawn there, thus many people will happily run through a camp (""dawn patrol!"") and collect kills the camp is preparing for. 2. (on Rallos Zek server) hiding in a difficult-to-reach location in order to pick off other players by way of ranged weapons or spells. 3. The act of logging out. e.g. ""I'm going to camp out for the night."" (n.) Any area where monsters spawn regularly - especially where tents are. e.g. ""Runnyeye is in the tunnel by the second goblin camp."" "
camp twist"To go back and forth between 2 or more camps in order to maximize loot or experience. e.g. ""We were the only ones in perma last night, so we twisted the scryer and jailmaster camp"" [From camp + twist]"
campcheck!A call for people to say which camp spots they are taking in a particular zone. Usually done in dungeons or any place that camping might be done on fixed spawn points for experience or items.
CamperA player who sits in one spot, usually an area with a powerful weapon or a sniping spot. It's always a heated debate as to the ethics of camping. Some feel it is a valid tactic, and others feel it is just lame and boring.
CampusA campus is the land on which a college or university buildings are situated. This term has been expanded to include Microsoft, and some hospitals.
candy apple"Any person in full Rubicite armour. cf. blueberry, bluebecite "
Candyland"Any Non-PVP server, as referred to by a PVP-server resident. eg. ""Stop yer whinin' and go back to Candyland."" cf. PVP. "
Cant somewhat synonymous with argot and jargon and refers to the vocabulary of an in-group that uses it to deceive or exclude nonusers.
CapTo get the other team's flag in CTF (see Capture).
Cap, fat or skinnyInterchangeable spray-can nozzles fitted to can to vary width of spray.
CaptureTo get the other team's flag in CTF.
CARDINAL POINTSNorth, South, East, and West, often marked by candles of green, red, yellow, and blue
carebear"Anyone new to a PVP server, or the residents of non-PVP servers, as referred to by PVP players. eg. ""Go back to Candyland with the other carebears!"" cf. PVP. "
Case SelectorAn expression whose result is used to select which case statement will be executed
caster"Any spellcaster, but especially NPC's. ""Careful - Mooto's a caster!"" "
CAULDRONThree-legged cooking pot
CB, C.B."Crushbone, an area in the Greater Faydark, on Faydwer, noted for a large population of Orcs. "
CC/PPComposite Capabilities / Preference Profiles
CDSCracked Darkwood Shield. A nice shield found in the High Hold area.
cent"Centurion. Refers to Orc Centurions, found in many regions. "
CFGNCyber Forces Gaming Nation
CFVCall For Votes
CG"Carrion Ghoul. Tough monster in Unrest, capable of rooting players. "
CGI ScannerAutomated security program that searches for well-known vulnerabilities in web servers and off-the-shelf web application software. Often CGI Scanners are not very “stateful” in their analysis and only test a series HTTP requests against known CGI strings. See also, “Web Application Vulnerability Scanner.”
CGI Security(Obsolete) See “Web Application Security”
CGS"Charred Guardian Shield. Extremely nice shield for priest-classes and paladins, found in one of the Solusek. "
Chain Bridge"Wooden bridge between North Karana and East Karana. So called because of the giant-sized chains supporting it. cf. East Bridge, Wood Bridge. "
ChainingThe passing of control from one program to another
CHAKRASSeven major intersections of energy located on the vertical axis of the body. Each is associated with a color and an area of the body. They are also associated with life experiences such as love and may be used when meditating on those experiences. Starting from the tailbone, they are Root (Red), Sexual/Generative (Orange), Solar Plexus (Yellow), Heart (Green), Throat (Blue), 3rd Eye (Indigo), and Crown (Violet)
chalk talk"A brief discussion, prior to battle, to review tactics. e.g. ""Okay, before we take on Vox, let's have a little chalk talk."" [from American football, refers to marking plays on a chalkboard]"
CharA type that represents a single character (programming) or a character (rpg)
Chessboard(Butcherblock Mountains): Spawning ground for giant undead. Resembles a giant game of chess left in the grass for a while.
chickenAny Aviak or other bird-like humanoid.
CHINDIAThe combination of China and India as a major economic force
choo-choo!See train.
CIAOSee ya, goodbye
CIMSCold Iron Morning Star.
Circle StrafeShooting someone as you run in a circle around them, strafing so that you are always facing them.
CITSCustomer Information and Tracking System
CK"Kerran Clawknight, a Kerran warrior almost as dangerous as a High Guard. 2. Cackling Klaknak. A website dedicated to EverQuest humour. Heh. Dr. Grog, Barbarian Proctologist... Heh heh. "
ClanA group of players who form a team that play together formally against other clans. They hold practices and formal matches. I am a member of the XTS clan.
clang!"See ding, bing. "
clap"see herpes, rabies. e.g. ""Any Clerics can heal the Mummy Clap?"" "
ClientA player's copy of a multiplayer game. Every player is playing on a client.
Client-Side ScriptingWeb browser feature that extends the functionality and interactivity of static HyperText markup language (HTML) web pages. Examples of Client-Side Scripting languages are JavaScript, JScript and VBScript. See also “ActiveX controls”, “Java Applets”
CLMTLA (q.v.) for "career-limiting move." Badmouthing adminispheric dictates, no matter how ill-considered, can be a CLM. So can compiling lexicons
CLRCommon Language Runtime
CLSCommon Language Specification
cmCall me
CodeInstructions to a computer. Code is made up of algorithms
Code CompleteWhen the program codes of a project have passed all the tests that program management and testing have determined there's time to throw at it. Ready to go, though not necessarily (in fact, probably not) bug-free.
Code SegmentA portion of a compiled program up to 32767 bytes in length
Code WarriorA developer; a writer of code; the building block of traditional Microsoft success. See Dev.
CoF"To run for your life - especially if you hear really cool music while doing it, and everything seems to slow down. e.g. ""I was hunting caimans, when up pops Habib. Next thing I know, I'm CoFing for the zone, and it's like an eternity before I get there."" Originated by Badurak the Dwarf Paladin, Hand of Aequitas, Sol Ro. (n.) Cloak of Flames. A gament that provides haste to it's wearer. [From 'Chariots of Fire']"
COGCovenant of the Goddess (Wiccan Organization)
Colloquial LanguageAnything not employed in formal writing or conversation, is a colloquialism. Colloquial and colloquialism may be perceived to be pejorative terms, but they merely refer to informal terminology.
COMComponent Object Model
combo"The act of making several combat moves in a row (especially for a monk) or hitting with several spells simultaneously. e.g. ""Nice combo, WangChung!"" "
CommentAn explanatory statement in source code
commercial release"The date on which Everquest became available to the general public (sometime in the early part of March 1999). Many events in-game are gauged by their relationship to commercial release, e.g. ""A lot of folks hit 50th level during beta, but the first one to hit 50th after commercial release was Kalaran on the Veeshan server."" cf. Beta "
commie"Gnoll commander, found in Black Burrow. "
Common Gateway Interface(Acronym - CGI) Programming standard for software to interface and execute applications residing on web servers. See also “Web Application”, “Application Server”, “Web Server”
Commons"The Commonlands, an area between Freeport and the Kithicor woods, known for it's variety of tough creatures. 2. Any zone suffering from an excess of OOC shouting and childish behaviour. e.g. ""Mistmoore became the Commons last night, so we ringed to Lava."" "
CompersionThe feeling of happiness in knowing that others you love share joy with each other, especially taking joy in the knowledge that your beloveds are expressing their love for one another. The opposite of jealousy.
CompilerA program that translates a program written in a high-level language into machine language
Compiler DirectiveAn instruction to the compiler that is embedded within the program
con, consider"To appraise the apparent difficulty of a monster or player. A target can be Green (very easy, little or no EXP for killing), Blue (medium difficulty), Black/White (relatively equal to you), Yellow (Probably too tough to solo), and Red (What would you like your tombstone to read?) It is not recommended that you take on yellow or red mobs without a group. "
ConcatenateThe joining of two or more strings
ConfigShortened form of configuration
Configuration File Disclosure(Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”
ConsoleThe command line interface. You can usually access it via the ~ (tilde) key. It allows you to type in commands for the game. You can do more in the console than you can through menus.
ConstantA fixed value in a program
Content ProvidersWriters, usually, although the term can also apply to artists, musicians, and anyone else whom the code lords condescend to allow to provide the raw material for their tools to propagate or facilitate.
Content SpoofingAn attack technique used to trick a user into thinking that fake web site content is legitimate data
Context-switchA verb, unbelievably, meaning "change subjects." Ex: "Enough about outsourcing issues. Let's context-switch to planning the rollout."
Control CharacterA special nonprinting character in the ASCII character set originally designed to control a printing device or communications link
Control StructureA statement that manages the flow of execution of a program
CookieElectronic location in a browser where data from a web server is saved. The data is sent by the browser back to the server when it returns to the website. Typically cookies are used to keep track of a user’s state as they traverse a web site.
Cookie ManipulationAltering or modification of cookie values, on the client’s web browser, to exploit security issues within a web application. Attackers will normally manipulate cookie values to fraudulently authenticate themselves to a web site. This is an example of the problem of trusting the user to provide reasonable input. See also “Cookie”
Cookie Poisoning(Obsolete) See “Cookie Manipulation”
cooking dinner"The act of summoning lots of food and water. eg. ""I'm cooking dinner - anyone want some?"" cf. making donuts. "
CoolBasically employed in the same generation-spanning, mildly hip way as in general parlance, but overused vastly out of proportion to its applicability, generally in a one-word response. Origin of the term's primacy is mysterious but it is all-pervasive, up to the very loftiest levels. Ex: "We showed the prototype to BillG, and he said it was way cool." Gag-reflex-inducing customized spelling gaining currency: kewl.
cootiesSee herpes.
CopTo steal or get. (eg. "I gotta Cop me some fatcaps")
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
Core CompetenceA core competence is the result of a specific unique set of skills or production techniques that deliver value to the customer.
Core ProductCore products or flagship products are a company's products which are most directly related to their core competencies.
Corflunk"A moderately difficult Ogre warrior NPC in Butcherblock. Also Cornflunk, Cornflake. (""His head goes great with milk!"") "
corpse"Someone who spends more time dead or retrieving their corpse than they do alive. e.g. ""Yeah, he was pretty good in UO, but in EQ he's just a corpse."" (v.) To use the ""/corpse"" command repeatedly, to move one's body to a safer location. cf. drag. "
corpse camping"[On PvP servers] Loitering near a deceased players corpse, with the intent to jump them after they loot their corpse. Can also refer to jumping players BEFORE they get to their corpse - but this is a bannable offense. Quote from Guide Galwin on Vallon Zek: ""As far as the GM/Guide staff is concerned, corpse camping is when you attack someone that is actively looting their corpse,(e.g. kneeling by the corpse while reclaiming items)"" 2. Refers to when a player has died at the feet of a particularly nasty NPC preventing the player from retrieving his/her corpse. eg. ""I died in the mines, and now Meldrath is camping my corpse... Can you help?"" cf. camp. "
corpse compassAny Bard or Necromancer currently hunting down someone's corpse.
CoSCloak of Shadows. Found on something called a Guano Harvester. Yuk.
CovenA congregation of witches, at least 3, no more than 13
cowboyA player who runs off and attacks creatures before the party (or even the player himself) isn't finished recuperating from the last fight.
CPLCyberathlete Professional League. A group that organizes gaming tournaments that offer cash prizes.
CPUCentral Processing Unit. The brain of a computer system, which interprets and executes instructions and controls the other components of the system
CR"Corpse Retrieval. The act of trying to retrieve someone's corpse from a potentially hazardous location. e.g. ""Can someone assist with a CR on the Plane of Fear?"" "
crack"The Enchanter spell Clarity, or any similar mana-refreshing effect. cf. mana crack. 2. EverQuest, the addiction. e.g. ""See ya later, hon - I'm off to play some crack."" "
CrashA sudden computer failure due to a hardware problem or program error
Creolea more sophisticated development of a pidgin, derived from two or more parent languages and used by people all ages as a native language.
CrewLoosely organized group, also known as a clique.
CrispWell-reasoned, precisely reasoned. Opposite of Random.
crit"Critical hit. e.g. ""Hey, nice crit!"" "
CROSS QUARTERSThe modern name for the Celtic Fire Festivals of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane,and Lammas
Cross-Site Scripting(Acronym – XSS) An attack technique that forces a web site to echo client-supplied data, which execute in a user’s web browser. When a user is Cross-Site Scripted, the attacker will have access to all web browser content (cookies, history, application version, etc). See also “Client-Side Scripting”
crowd control"The act of preventing excessive mobs from joining melee. cf. lull e.g. ""I need an Enchanter for crowd control."" "
Crushmail, CrushArmourRefers to a specific set of ringmail looted off of Emperor Crush's body in Crushbone. Rumoured to also be a quest item.
CSCustomer Support / Call Screener / Counter Strike
CSSCascading Style Sheets
CT"Cazic Thule. Very powerful God residing on the Plane of Fear. Known for his powerful Death Touch, which he can use on anyone in the zone. Can also refer to the Lost Temple of Cazic Thule, a zone located near the Feerot. cf. CZ. "
CTECTE - Cover The Entrances.
CTFCapture the Flag. A game style where the objective is to take another team's flag from their base and return it to yours. Very popular due to the team play, offense, and defense involved.
CTSCommon Type System
CTXCover the eXits.
CUSee You (implies later?)
cub"Young Kodiak, found in Misty Thicket and East and West Commonlands. 2. Polar Bear Cubs, found in Everfrost. "
CUBE FARMAn office filled with cubicles.
CULSee You Later
CUL8RSee You Later
cured"Cured Silk armour. Nice lightweight Monk-only armour, made via Tailoring AND Brewing skills. "
Cut and runsever the anchor line in an emergency (leave abruptly and abandoning others)
CUZCousin, or Because
CYASee Ya, or Cover Your Ass
CyasSee You Later (can be singular implying many goodbyes, or plural to multiple people)
cycle"The act of a hotkey combat button becoming available once again after being used, e.g. ""This is gonna be dicey, so hit that Taunt button every time it cycles."" Also called ""refresh"". "
CyclesAnother approximate synonym for "time" (see Bandwidth), as in "there aren't enough cycles in the day to drive this issue." The internal, informal Cityscape Microspeak Dictionary defined cycles economically as "human brainpower measured in computer metric." Often used in tandem with the verb "burn," as in "He's really burning a lot of cycles trying to resolve those UI issues."
CZ"Cazic-Thule, a dungeon located in Feerott, noted for the local Lizardman populace. Changing Zones. Usually used as a tell to let people know that you are zoning. "
D&DDungeons and Dragons (basic rules) or Deities and Demigods rulebook
d1, d2, d3, d4, d5Down 1, etc. Refers to how much mana was expended, in terms of bubbles."
D3DMicrosoft Direct3D
DADon't ask
DA - (n.) Divine AuraAny of the Cleric spells that make them immune to damage (and healing) for a brief period.
darkSee deep.
Data SegmentThe segment in memory where the static global variables are stored
Data StructuresAreas of related items in memory, represented as arrays, records or linked lists
DB, DBS"Dark Boned Skeletons. Tough creature found in Unrest. (2.) Dry Boned Skeleton, a rather nasty skeleton found in desert regions, such as Ro, and the Oasis of Marr. cf. IBS, Dry (3.) Disband. "
DCDisconnected, or Dagnor's Cauldron, an area near Butcherblock containing Unrest and Kedge Keep
dc'd"Disconnected. e.g. ""If I get dc'd one more time, I'm quitting for the night!"" "
DCCDirect Cable Connection - Serial or Nullmodem Cable Connection
DCRDesign Change Request
DDDirect Damage. Refers to any spell designed to do damage to a single target. 2. Dragoon Dirk. Good low-level piercing weapon found on Dark Elf Dragoons (such as Ambassador D'Vinn in Crushbone).
DE"Dark Elf. cf. drow (2.), inky, smurf. "
Dead SideThe portion of Lower Guk which is populated primarily with undead frogloks. cf. Live Side.
death crawl"Very slow walk, due to very low health or stamina. "
Death MarchThe long, lingering final countdown to a ship date, involving 16-25-hour days, catnaps on couches, and plenty of "flat food" (food, mostly from vending machines, that you can slip under people's doors so they can keep working).
Death Match(AKA FFA) A game style where it is every player for them selves and the goal is to kill as many other players as possible.
Deathmarch!Warning shouted in Oasis when the Spectres have decided to go on a rampage.
debuffTo cast non-damaging ability-reduction spells on a target. (n.) Any such detrimental spell.
Debug CommandsApplication debugging features or commands that assist in identifying programming errors during the software development process
DebuggerA special program that provides capabilities to start and stop execution of a program at will, as well as analyze values that the program is manipulating
DebuggingThe process of binding and removing bugs from programs
DecimalA method of representing numbers using base 10 notation, where legal digits range from 0 to 9
DeclareThe act of explicitly defining the name and type of an identifier in a program
deep"Phrase used to denote a more extreme level of difficulty than a simple con reports. ""Red"" is 2 or 3 levels higher, ""deep red"" would be 3+ levels higher. cf. dark, light, brown "
DefReally good
Definition PartThe part of a program where constants, labels and structured types are defined
DelimiterA boundry marker that can be a word, a character, or a symbol
DeliverableA task that you "own" and are responsible for delivering. Ex: "What progress have you made on your deliverables?" Variant—Key Deliverable: a more important task/project than a mere, run-of-the-mill, mundane deliverable.
DeltaThe distance, or period of time, between where a project or item is and where it should be. Derived from the mathematical term (as opposed to river mouth, Greek alphabet, or fraternity usages) describing "an incremental change in a variable." Used in reference to all manner of things—"testing delta," "production delta," or "stock delta," defined as the difference between an employee's "strike price" (the lowest price of MS stock during the first 30 days of the blue badger's employment) and the current price, often a figure inspiring boisterous gloating.
DemoA recording of a game. You can replay the recording later. Often used for viewing popular matches.
Denial of Service(Acronym – DoS) An attack technique that consumes all of a web site’s available resources with the intent of rendering legitimate use impossible. Resources include CPU time, memory utilization, bandwidth, disk space, etc. When any of these resources reach full capacity, the system will normally be inaccessible to normal user activity. See also “Abuse of Functionality”
DEOSILClockwise or sunwise movement of actions in a ritual
DependencyA necessity; something that has to work right or come through for a larger project to be accomplished. Variants—Zero-Dependency (does not affect the project in question); Key Dependency—a really necessary necessity.
DereferencingThe act of accessing a value pointed to by a pointer variable
Derv"Dervish Cutthroat, Raider or Thug. Tough, aggressive creature found in the Commonlands and the Desert of Ro. May appear as Ogres, Humans, Erudites or even as Orcs. "
derv ringCutthroat Insignia Ring. A particular magical ring found on Dervishes in the Commonlands or the Desert of Ro.
DevShort for Development, the developers (or code warriors)—not unknown to be a trifle eccentric—who make everything work. "We'll hand that issue off to dev." "Dev's not here, man."
DGDead Gods
Dialecta way of speaking based on geographical or social factors.
ding"An exclamation to inform friends that you have gained your level. Also, can refer to the sound itself. e.g. ""Let me hear the bing before we gate to Cazic."" cf. bing, clang, kip. From the sound that announces a new level."
Ding Dong"Relatively new stainless-steel type of subway car, so named for the bell that rings just before the doors close."
dingoA weak NPC that attacks meditating wizards. More of an annoyance than anything else.
DirectoryA work area on a disk or a listing of files (or directories) on a disk
Directory Browsing(Obsolete) See “Directory Indexing”
Directory Enumeration(Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”
Directory IndexingA feature common to most popular web servers, that exposes contents of a directory when no index page is present. See also “Predictable File Location”
Directory TraversalA technique used to exploit web sites by accessing files and commands beyond the document root directory. Most web sites restrict user access to a specific portion of the file-system, typically called the document root directory or CGI root directory. These directories contain the files and executables intended for public use. In most cases, a user should not be able to access any files beyond this point
Dirt Elf"Any Dark Elf, refers to their subterrainian origins and dark skin. "
DisambiguateA remarkably unclear way to say "clarify."
disco, discTo be disconnected from EverQuest. ie, ""I was disco'd for ten minutes, what happened?"". (n.) The instance of being disconnected. ie, ""I HATE discos!!!"" "
DisconnectMiscommunication. Always used as a noun ("We had a disconnect on the HTML issue").
DisintermediateAlmost certainly an example of pure Marketing-speak, rather than Microjargon, but difficult to resist including anyway. Essentially means, once the syllables are peeled away, disposing of intermediary entities between two primary market forces; i.e., maneuvering to dispense with distributors and manufacturers that "interfere" with the basic relationship between the creator of a work and the consumer. Colloquial English translation: eliminate the middleman.
DLDownload, or Dragonlance setting
DLGDevilish Little Grin
DMDeath Match (UT) or Desert Madman (EQ) or Dungeon Master (DnD)
DMGDungeonmaster's Guide. 2: Damage
DMZDemilitarized zone. Wiki
DnDDungeons and Dragons or Do Not Delete
DnFDo Not Forward
DNSDomain Name System
DOBDate of Birth
DocAbbreviation of Document
DocumentationA written explanation of a computer program. Documentation can vary from manuals hundreds of pages long to a one-line comment embedded in the program itself
DODDepartment of Defence
DogfoodSoftware code not fit for public consumption but good enough for internal purposes, very unrefined and buggy (that is, full of bugs), but containing the basic nutrients. Alternately, code you're developing and using in daily functions simultaneously (a process known as "eating your own dogfood").
Doh!Noise made immediately after doing something exceedingly stupid. Made famous by Homer Simpson, said if you've made a mistake
DolmenCircle of stones
DOMDocument Object Model
dongThe sound made when you lose a level.
dOoD, dEwD"Player, usually immature, who is more concerned about being powerful, exploiting the game, or PKing than they are about role-playing and adding to the fantasy environment. Generally has absolutely no interest in roleplaying, and will often hold lengthy OOC conversations on any channel. The non-fantasy name is usually the first tip-off. e.g. ""Poopsmuggler is such a dOoD. All he does is killsteal and shout about how much easier EQ is than UO."" "
DoorstopA computer that's become obsolete for reasons of insufficient processing speed or storage capacity. As of Summer '97, this class included all 286 and 386 models and most 486's.
DoT"Damage over time. Refers to certain spells that cause damage over a period of time, rather than all at once. e.g. The Choke series of spells for Enchanters are all DoT spells. "
DownIn, part of the group or action (e.g. "He's down with us.")
drag"To use the ""/corpse"" command repeatedly, to move one's body to a safer location. ""Hey - you don't want to lose your invis, so drag your corpse out to the tunnel before looting it."" cf. corpse (v.), tow. "
dressSee nightie.
Drill downTo delve deeply into the core of an issue, rather than deal with it in a superficial manner; to analyze the details.
DriveTo push; to captain the initiative on a particular issue or project. "Ed is driving the HTML issue for the product."
dropTo kill an NPC as quickly as possible, by any means possible. To leave loot when dying, especially NPCs
DrowDark Elf
DrySee DBS
DSDamage Shield. Any protective spell that also causes damage to the attacker. Shield of Spikes is a good DS. 2. Dark Sun (DnD setting)
DTDeath Touch, a powerful ability that can kill even the strongest of characters outright
DTSDesktop Systems
DUDoors to the Unknown
duelConsensual player-vs-player combat, regardless of either players PVP status. Both players must agree to duel by targetting the other player, and selecting Duel
dumpTo sell off all of one's excess loot 2. To drop a train on an unexpecting group - usually at a zone point
DUR?Do you remember?
DWBDwarven Work Boots. Nice footwear found in the Estate of Unrest. But you have to supply your own OdorEaters.
DWCDeepwater Crocodile or Deepwater Caiman. Both are reptiles found in the Oasis of Mar. The croc is MUCH tougher than the caiman.
DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate it When…
DYNDid you notice
DynamicSomething that varies while the program is running
Dynamic AllocationThe allocation and deallocation of memory from the heap at runtime
Dynamic VariableA variable on the heap
EACExtreme Adult Content
EAFWEarth Air Fire Water
Earth Religiona religion whose main tenet is that the worshipper be in harmony with the Earth and with all life. Such religions oppose the idea that the world is a resource to be subdued and exploited
ECUEnterprise Customer Unit
EDCUEducation Customer Unit
EFEfreeti. Powerful monster found in fire-based areas and on some of the Planes.
EgadSaid in many movies involving a scientist of some kind, usually said when you just realize something
EIAOKEverything is A OK
EKEast Karana. An area in the western part of Antonica
ElementOne of the items in an array
elvenatorAny of the lifts in Kelethin.
enchiladaAny person buffed with a large number of enchantments.
Encoding AttacksAn exploitation technique that aids an attack by changing the format of user-supplied data to bypass sanity checking filters. See also “Null Injection”
Enumerated TypeA user-defined scalar type that consists of an arbitrary list of identifiers
EODEndemic TLA meaning "end of day." Ex: "I need your take-away from the off-site by EOD tomorrow."
EOMEnd Of Message. Appended to subject line of e-mail to indicate that no further communication is forthcoming.
EP, EXPExperience. cf. XP (EQ and D&D) Electrum Pieces (D&D)
EPMEnterprise Program Manager
EQEverQuest. Equipment.
EsbatFull moon ceremony
ETA"Estimated Time of Arrival of the next ship, usually shouted as a question in zones where ships dock. e.g ""What's the ETA of the ship?"" cf. boat or ship. "
evac"Group Gate or other method of instant transport to another location. ""Can someone evac me to North Karanas, please?! I'm sick of this continent!"" "
EvaluateTo compute the part of an expression
EverQuest Express"Quick method of travel utilized by remaining bound to a location while running off to a distant land to acquire something, banking it, then getting killed deliberately, to return to one's spawn point. e.g. ""I'll be home in a minute, honey, I'm taking the EverQuest Express!"" cf. warrior gate, bard gate. (P.n.) The name of a popular website, billed as ""Everquests first online newspaper."" "
EWDislike for something, disgusted about something
Ewok hat"A leather cap, especially when worn by Dwarves. "
Ewok VillageKelethin. cf. Tree City.
ExecuteTo carry out the programs instructions
Expanded FamilyWhere three or more people choose to live as a family unit. This usually involves a commitment between each of the partners and decisions are usually made by mutual consent. The term expanded family is also used to describe the core family and their closest supporting friends/ families/lovers.
exploit"An unintended consequence of game mechanics or outright bug which allows a player to gain an unfair advantage if used. e.g. ""Getting monsters stuck in a wall then killing them with spells is an exploit."" (v.) To deliberately use take advantage of bugs for the purpose of unfair advancement. e.g. ""The GMs caught Porno exploiting the clog in Unrest again."" "
ExposureDefined pithily by an anonymous MS Glossary contributor as "those areas for which one's ass is not covered." Ex: "Our exposure for the 3.0 version is the skimpy content."
ExpressionPart of a statement that represents a value or can be used to calculate a value
ExtensibleIn reference to products or features, capable of being build on, elaborated, or…extended. What might, in plainer English, be called "extendable.
ExtensionAny addition to the standard definition of a language. Also, the optional three-character ending (following the period) in a standard DOS file name
Extension Manipulation(Obsolete) See “Filename Manipulation”
ExternalA file of one or more subprograms that have been written in assembly language and assembled to native executable code
Eye Candyvisually attractive material, analogous to "ear candy" in the music business (although not to "nose candy").
EyeballsUsers of a website; audience (a vague equivalent of listeners to a radio station).
F&W, FW"Food and water.
F2FFace To Face
FacemailTechnologically backward means of communication, clearly inferior to voicemail or e-mail. Involves actually walking to someone's office and speaking to him or her face to face. Considered highly inefficient and declasse.
faction"The particular group or groups that an NPC belongs to. Killing NPC's may affect one's faction standings with the factions that NPC is affiliated with - e.g. Killing Crushbone orcs will reduce your standing with other Crushbone orcs, as well as a group of Dark Elves in Neriak, but will increase your standings with several ""good"" factions in the area. If a player's faction with a particular group drops low enough, they will be killed on sight (KOS) by members of that group. Likewise, a player can positively affect their faction to not be KOS in certain areas. cf. KOS. "
FadeTo blend colors.
FAIKFor All I Know
FakirA Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant, especially one who performs feats of magic or endurance
Fall foul ofcollide with or become entangled in (come into conflict with)
fangGiant Snake Fang. A good low-level piercing weapon. cf. GSF
FAQFrequently Asked Questions. A collection of common questions and their answers.
FarceUntrue or false commitment
farmTo camp a specific creature with the express purpose of collecting rare loot items for sale to other players. cf. camp.
fast boots, fast feet, fastyfeetsSee speedyfeet The last is usually only used by Trolls.
FB"Firebolt, a low-level Wizard spell. (2.) Firebeetle, a weak monster found in many parts of Antonica. "
FBLTFine be like that
FBRFlowing Black Robe. Powerful robes for spellcasters.
FBSS"Flowing Black Silk Sash. Nice sash that increases the attack rate of the wearer, found in Lower Guk. cf. Haste Sash. "
FCFingers Crossed
FDFeign death. A Monk skill and Necromancer/Shadowknight spell.
FeatureEuphemism for bug (q.v.). Dysfunctional attributes in a product are often "explained" away by apologists with the phrase "It's not a bug, it's a feature." As a result, "it's a feature" became a shorthand expression for "it's a screwed-up situation," or synonymous with "it's a bummer."
FedEx Quest"Any Quest consisting exclusively of delivering an item, especially if the Quest is repeatable. "
feetSee speedyfeet.
FeewallA barrier of demarcation for financial responsibility. "Does this project fall on our side of the feewall?" translates directly as "Do we have to pay for this?"
feign pull"To ""pull"" a creature, using Feign Death (a Monk ability and a Necromancer spell). This practice allows the ""puller"" to control the number of creatures pulled. cf. fpull. "
FELLAGuy, man, male
fetchSee pull. (n.) One who fetches. cf. puller.
FF (name)Our team has someone shooting Friendly Fire.
FFA(AKA DM) Free for All. A game type where it is every player for themselves and the goal is to kill as many other players as possible.
FFFFaith, Family, Folk
FFSFor f*^$s sake, sign of frustration
FGFire Giant. Tough giant located in Nagafen's Lair.
Fiber MediaMaterial published on the hopelessly archaic medium of paper. Ex: "Yeah, I used to be a writer in fiber media, but now I'm a content provider in cybermedia."
Field ListThe field name and type definition of a record
Field WidthThe number of place holders in an output statement
FileA collection of data that can be stored on and retrieved from a disk
File Enumeration(Obsolete) See “Predictable File Location”
File PointerA pointer that tracks where the next object will be retrieved from within a file
File VariableAn identifer in a program that represents a file
Filename ManipulationAn attack technique used to exploit web sites by manipulating URL filenames to cause application errors, discover hidden content, or display the source code of an application. See also “Predictable File Location”
Filter-Bypass ManipulationSee “Encoding Attacks”
Finger(AKA .plan or plan) A finger is a personal log that game developers and other prominent people in the gaming scene can update that other people can see. You will often see them referred to on this and other sites. You will often find tasty tidbits straight from the horse's mouth in these.
FirewallA cyber-barrier. Ex: "Let's build a firewall on the website to separate editorial from advertising. Also increasingly common parlance for a barrier or separator in any context, not just cyberspace.
fireworksThe numerous sparklies accompanying most Bardic songs. 2. Tinkered item made by Gnomes. Currently suffering from a bug that displays a charge even after they are expended.
First Ratethe largest class of warships during the sailing era (best)
fish"See fetch, bait. "
Fixed-point NotationThe representation of real numbers without decimal points
flack"Weaker monsters that get swept up into a larger train, following very powerful monsters. e.g. ""Boy, DVinn sure carries a lot of flack with him, doesn't he?"" \ "
FlagA variable, usually of type integer or boolean, that changes value to indicate that an event has taken place
Flame Mailextremely critical or abusive electronic mail message or posting in public forum, often as retaliation
Flame warA series of insulting, irrelevant posts in the same thread.
flamer"Any Caster who burns through all their mana during battle, especially when the additional spells are not necessary. example Man, that Wizard is such a Flamer. He used his High level spells to kill a greenie. 2. Soulfire or The Fiery Avenger, Paladin-only swords. "
FlatOlder slab-sided type of subway car; the most suitable surface for painting.
FLC"Feet Like Cat, a Ranger or Shaman spell that improves Agility. cf. kitty feet. "
FLEXTINGFlirting through mobile phone texts
Floating-point NotationThe representation of real numbers using decimal points
Flog a dead horsea reference to a period of work after getting — and spending — an initial payment (focusing on something already completed or settled)
Flotsam and jetsamitems lost or thrown overboard, respectively (odds and ends)
FLRTFlirt, show off
FMThe Factol's Manifesto
FM, FOM"Full (of) Mana. cf. FMH, FnR, OOM"
FMB"Full Mana Burn. Used by casters right after a fight to convey how difficult it was. If a caster goes FMB for a fight, that means they felt that it was necessary to unload all of their reserves in order to win. Implies that the caster is out of mana. "
FMH"Full on Mana and Health. cf. FM, FnR, OOM "
FnR"Full and Ready. cf. FM, FMH "
fodder"A really weak pet or player. e.g. ""Ahh damn! Every pet I summon is fodder till I get lvl 8!"" "
FoEFaces of Evil
Forced BrowsingSee “Predictable File Location”
Form Field ManipulationAltering or modification of HTML Form-Field input values or HTTP post-data to exploit security issues within a web application. See also “Parameter Tampering”, “Cookie Manipulation”
Formal ParameterAn identifier in a procedure or function declaration heading that represents the arguments that will be passed to the subprogram when it is called
Format String AttackAn exploit technique that alters the flow of an application by using string formatting library features to access other memory space
Forward DeclarationThe declaration of a procedure or function and its parameters in advance of the actual definition of the subroutine
FOTCLFalling Off The Chair Laughing
FP"Freeport, a Human city on the eastern coast of Antonica. "
FPSFirst person shooter, i.e. Quake, Half Life and Unreal Tournament.
fpullSee feign pull.
FRForgotten Realms setting
FragTo kill another player.
Frag LimitThe number of frags that you must get to first in a FFA match to win. After that, the next match starts.
Frame Spoofing(Obsolete) See “Content Spoofing”
FREAKIf you're a freak that usually means your good at whatever you are doing at the time
FreezePoint in a project's timespan after which no more changes can be permitted. Or, as Cityspeak Dictionary eloquently puts it, "Point in product development after which the answer to all great new ideas is no."
froggie"Troll/Ogre term: Any frog-like creature, but especially frogloks. e.g. ""Let's go to Guk and barsh dem froggies!"" "
front yard, front porch"Any newbie area, especially very close to a city or zone entrance.
FSFine Steel. A high-quality variety of normal weapon.
FSRFor some reason
FSSFanged Skull Stiletto. Piercing weapon from the Plane of Fear.
FUBARFouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FUGLYF*&#$ing ugly
full house"A spawning area that spawns stationary monsters, has no campers and has monsters at every known spawn point. The entrance to Kerra Isle, for example, has a full house when there are 3 kitties in the left hut, 4 kitties in the right hut, and 2 on the bridge. 2. A known spawning area, or even an entire zone, that is camped by a large number of players, preventing anyone else from hunting in that area. e.g. ""Man has CB got a full house tonight! I couldn't walk for all the tents."" "
Full PlateFull schedule; a lot to do. I'm very busy at work, and I've got a full plate at home too.
full pull"Pulling all of the mobs in a single spawn area. eg. ""Full Pull! Prepare for evac!"" cf. pull. "
FunctionA subroutine that computes and returns a value
furbyA Burynai. These are squat badger-looking creatures that walk upright and swat with fiercly-clawed paws.
FWFaction War
FWIWFor What It's Worth.
FYAFor Your Amusement
FYIFor Your Information.
FYIV"Fuck you, I'm vested." Delightful expression invoked under stress by MS employees whose stock options have matured, assuring them sufficient financial independence to reject work demands they feel are out of line. Ex: "You think I'm gonna go on a death march for this product? FYIV!"
G&GGod And Goddess
G&HComplete book of Gnomes & Halflings
g, gpGold. Standard unit of currency in EverQuest. Equal to 10 Silver or 100 Copper. 10 Gold equal 1 Platinum.
G2G/GTGGot to go
GAGo Ahead
GagBitter, hateful woman
GALGet a life
GangstaReally good (eg. "That piece is Gangsta")
gank"To kill a PC or creature. e.g. ""Hey - let's join up in CB and gank DVinn!"" 2. See killsteal. e.g. ""Dagnabit! Doperabbi ganked my kill again!"" "
garnish"Any low level creatures that tag along with a ""pulled"" kill. e.g. ""Bringing a ghoul and some death beetle garnish!"" "
GBGhoulbane. A Paladin-only sword.
GBSGlowing Black Stone.
GDBGreater Dark Boned Skeleton. Very tough creature in Unrest.
GeezerLong time player, with knowledge and sometimes skill
Generating ContentWriting
GENERICAFeatures of the American landscape that are exactly the same no matter where one is, such as fast food joints, strip malls, subdivisions.
George of the Jungle"Someone who walks into trees frequently, either due to autowalk or just not paying attention. "
Getting the ShaftGetting fragged by the Lightning Gun.
GFGirl Friend
GF, Gfay, Greater"Greater Faydark, an area on the Faydwer continent. Contains the tree city of Kelethin, as well as entrances to a number of other zones. Excellent newbie area. "
GGGroup Gate. See evac. Or Good Game. Or Gotta Go.
GGSGiant Gnome Syndrome. Strange affliction affecting certain NPC gnomes, and corpses of gnomes, dwarves and halflings.
GHGreyhawk setting. This is the default setting for Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition.
ghettoSee welfare.
ghost"Any NPC that gets low on hit points and suddenly cannot be hit by spells or melee due to being ""out of range,"" even though the NPC appears to be visible and within range (sometimes right in front of you). This happens when the server tells the critter to run away but the client doesn't get the message for a few seconds, and is usually caused by lag. 2. Any NPC that can be seen walking along in the distance, but which disappears as you get close. This is usually due to lag, and often the monster will reappear nearby if you wait a few seconds. 3. (Usually ""The ghost"") A tough mob hiding in the basement in Unrest. e.g. ""We're gonna go camp the ghost - you want in?"" "
ghost train"A train that never appears. e.g. ""Hrm - that train of Bouncers never made it - guess it was a ghost train."" cf. train. "
GibThe body parts that fly about when a player suffers a particularly messy death.
GIBS"Greater Ice Boned Skeleton. Very tough version of the Ice Boned Skeleton, this one resides in Lower Guk. "
gimp"See girlscout,scrub. 2. See runner. "
girlscout"Any player that must be watched closely or babysat to make sure that they don't die unexpectedly, either from ignorance or stupidity. cf. scrub "
Give a wide berthprovide sufficient space when anchoring or docking to avoid other ships (keep at a distance)
GK'd"Guard Killed. Refers to a PC being killed by a guard, either due to accidentally attacking one, or by having KOS status with the guard. cf. KOS. "
Global FixA programmatic trick to correct all instances of a recurring error.
Global VariableA variable declared in the main program block that can be accessed from anywhere within the program
GLSGreater Light Stone. Good light source that can be held in inventory to provide light. Found on wisps.
GM"Verant's customer service employees who appear in-game as godlike player characters and whose job is to assist players who are plagued by bugs or deal with those who may be exploiting them. GMs can be contacted with the /petition command. 2. Ghoul Messenger. Strange creature from Western Karana, rumoured to be part of a quest. No relation to GM (1.) "
GMMThe Great Modron March
GMORWIS?Give me one reason why I should?
GMTAGreat minds think alike
Go by the boarda reference to something lost overboard (said of something to be abandoned or ignored)
gob, gobbie, gobo, gobbo"Goblin. Found in Butcherblock, Runnyeye, Misty Thicket, and other regions. "
Going ForwardMoving on
Going overOne writer covering another writer's name with his own.
GoldenHaving achieved perfection, or close enough for shipping, anyway.
GONNAGoing to
GoogleSearch the web for the answer, or "find the answer yourself" "Hey, what item has the best haste? Google it bro"
GRGreat Rite
GR&DGrinning, Running & Ducking
Grand Central StationCastle Mistmoore - so called because of the horrendous trains. Can also refer to any zone or region prone to massive trains.
GranularUsed in tandem with the verb "to get," as in "We need to get granular on this issue," meaning to examine the fine details.
grapeSomeone wearing a full set of Ethereal Mist armour.
Grass RootsEmpty nonsense term used to imply support from the people
green machine"A train of weaker creatures that would normally be no threat, but en masse can kill a player. e.g. ""I was doing fine until that green machine of gnolls got me."" "
GreenieAny troll, or creatures that are of much lower level (EQ)
griff"Griffon, Griffin, Griffene or Griffawn. Very tough, aggressive flying creature mostly inhabiting the Karanas, with a few terrorizing the Commonlands. "
GronkThe sound of a computer embroiled in bandwidth issues. "I tried to reboot, but my computer just sat there gronking until I had to call Help Desk."
Group Bug"Specific condition that results in being unable to join or disband from a group. Usually caused by the group leader going linkdead or disbanding while other members are zoning. e.g. ""It says you're in another group."" ""Damn, I'm group bugged. Gotta relog, brb."" "
Group Hug"To get close enough to be afffected by party-affecting spells. e.g. ""Group hug, everybody, casting Shared Wolf Form."" "
Group MarriageA marriage involving more than two people. Not recognized by the U.S. government or most major religions in western society. Many people do it anyway.
GrrrGrowling at someone
GSFGiant Snake Fang. A good low-level piercing weapon. cf. fang
GSkelGreater Skeleton
GTG, GGGot to go. e.g. ""Sorry, guys, GTG, dinnertime."" 2. Good to Go. Ready and waiting. e.g. ""I'm GTG, let's get'em!
GtHGuide to Hell
GTPGet the point? Get the picture?
GUIAcronym for Graphical User Interface. GUIs allow people to navigate through applications and documents on computers using graphical icons and buttons.
GukDungeon zone located near Innothule Swamp known to be inhabited by Frogloks.
gullSee seagull.
GWGood work
GWADGod, said in frustration
GZA Gigantic Zweihander. A powerful two-handed sword.
HAHoly Armor. A Cleric or Paladin spell that improves armour class and hit points. cf. SA.
HabibAny Sand Giant. e.g. ""Move it, here comes Habib!
Hack 'n SlashA campaign that emphasizes combat with little or no role-playing
HAHUnlike BAH, this is said when you find something amusing
Hail fromreferring to the point of origin of a ship (come from, live)
Half seas overpartly submerged or keeled over so that waves are breaking over the deck, and therefore unable to maneuver effectively (drunk)
handReanimated Hand. A tough monster residing in the Estate of Unrest, and the Lower side of Guk.
Hand over fistusing one hand at a time in quick alternating movements (rapidly)
HandmaidenYoung girl witch
HankAny Hill Giant.
happyfeetSee speedyfeet, slickshoes, feet. Usually used by Ogres and Trolls.
Hard and fastgrounded (inflexible)
Hard upa reference to the tiller being pushed as far to one side as possible (short of money)
haste sashSee FBSS.
HBHold Back.
HDHard drive, something every computer has. ALT: High Definition
HeadcountActual employees, as opposed to mere contractors
Heads-upAn alert; a signal to be ready to deal with an issue
heal pimpOne who takes on overly tough monsters, then begs others for healing spells. Similar to, but not the same as a mana sponge.
HeapAn area of memory reserved for the dynamic allocation of variables
HearthrockStone before the fireplace
heheA small laugh in chat.
HeroUsually refers to the Minotaur Hero that pops up occasionally in Steamfont.
herpes, herpiesAnother name for Rabies (disease). ""Mummy herpes--it's not a pretty sight.
HexadecimalA method of representing numbers using base 16 notation, where legal digits range from 0 to 9 and A to F
HEYHi, hello
HGHill Giants, from the Western Commonlands, the Karanas and other areas. cf. hank, homer 2. Kerran High Guard, a high level, very dangerous NPC. Has the unfortunate tendency to spawn in the tunnel leading to the zone border with the Toxxulia Forest, meaning that it generally appears behind you as you're fighting normal Kerrans. "
HHHolding Hands, High Hold, Harbinger House
HHOJ/KHa Ha, Only Joking / Kidding
High and drybeached or caught on rocks and standing out of the water as the tide recedes (stranded or without resources or support)
High-level LanguageA programming language that more closely resembles human language than machine language. Pascal is a high-level language
HitImpact, drain, burden. Also, a user impression on a website. Also, to tag up any surface with paint or ink.
HIWTHHate it When That Happens
HKers"Hong Kong-ers. A group of Hong Kong players that haunt the night and early US hours on the Tunare server. Originally all defined by their names (started with ""HK"") but now their names have been changed. "
HLHalf Life, Honorable Lord, or Honorable Lady
HmmSaid when thinking about something. Often a sign someone is wondering if you have Aimbot.
Homer"Any Hill Giant or Cyclops. cf. Hank, Saddam. From Homer Simpson"
honor loot"Method of looting where everyone loots as they feel like it with the constraint of no one taking all the loot. cf. alpha loot, master loot. "
hose"When casters use most/all their mana in a single spell or few spells, or just to take out a single mob. e.g. ""Ack! Hose that slaver!"" cf. mana dump, nuke (2.). 2. To get really badly hurt or killed, especially under adverse circumstances. e.g. ""Man, Habib really hosed us..."" "
HosedSlightly more polite synonym for military terms like FUBB or FUBAR; totally screwed or technically disabled. Usually used in reference to a malfunctioning computer app or program.
HouseTo steal.
HPHigh Priest
HPBHigh Ping Bastard. A player with a high ping. Above 200 or more. Pity the HPB, as it makes game play more difficult.
HPSHigh Priestess
HQHigh Quality
HTHarm touch. A Shadowknight skill that allows them to do damage to the target.
HTTPHyperText Markup Language
HUDHeads Up Display. The overlay on the play screen that gives you game information as you're playing.
humie, hummie"Troll/Ogre term: Any human or human-like species. Can refer to Humans, Erudites, Barbarians, Half-elves, or even elves. "
hurderOne who leads Bouncer Hurd away from Cazic Thule in an effort to save those attempting to flee a train of crazed lizards. [Originated by Kitasi]
HyperText Transfer Protocol(Acronym – HTTP) A protocol scheme used on the World Wide Web. HTTP describes the way a web-client requests data and how a web server responds to those requests. See also “Web Server”, “Web Browser”
HYTHey you there
I/OInput / Output. The process of receiving or sending data
I/O errorAn error that occurs while trying th input or output data
I/O redirectionThe DOS ability to direct input/output to access devices other than the default DOS devices
IAEIn Any Event
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer
IBS, ICB"Ice Boned Skeleton, a very nasty skeleton found in Everfrost and also in Befallen. Like wisps it is invulnerable to normal attacks. cf. DBS "
ICI see
ICQChat program "I Seek You"
icwumI see what you mean
IdentifierA user-defined name for a specific item (constant, type, variable, procedure, function, unit, program and field). It must begin with a letter and cannot contain spaces
IDHTBIFOMI don't have the book in front of me.
IDKI Don’t Know
IDTSI don't think so
IEFTInternet Engineering Task Force
IHImpact hammer - UT weapon
IIOPInternet Inter-ORB (Object Request Broker) Protocol
IIRCIf I Recall Correctly
IISInternet Information Serverices
IITYWTMWYBMADIf I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink?
Illreally cool or the state of silliness (eg. "Yo, it's time to get Ill").
ILYI Love You
IMInstant Message, aka Chat
IMCIn My Campaign (i.e., might differ from official rules). Some information about my campaigns can be found here.
IMCOIn My Considered Opinion
IMHOIn My Honest/Humble Opinion.
IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion
IMOIn my opinion
ImplementationThe particular embodiment of a programming language. Turbo Pascal is an implementation of standard Pascal for IBM-compatible computers
IMSOIn My Stupid Opinion.
In the offingin sight, from the term for the expanse of ocean visible from shore (about to happen)
inc!, incoming!Usually used when a mob is on it's way to the party or a known location.
IncrementTo increase the value of a variable
IndexA position within a list of elements
Index TypeThe type of indexes in an array
Information LeakageWhen a web site reveals sensitive data, such as developer comments or error messages, which aids an attacker in exploiting the system. See also “Verbose Messages”
InitializeThe process of giving a known initial value to a variable or data structure
inkyAny Dark Elf
INOIn Need Of
InputThe information a program receives from some external device, such as a keyboard
Insufficient AuthenticationWhen a web site permits an attacker to access sensitive content or functionality without verifying their identity. See also “Authentication”
Insufficient AuthorizationWhen a web site permits an attacker to access sensitive content or functionality that should require increased access control restrictions. See also “Authorization”
Insufficient Process ValidationWhen a web site permits an attacker to bypass or circumvent the intended flow control of an application
Insufficient Session ExpirationWhen a web site permits an attacker to reuse old session credentials or session ID’s for authorization. See also “Session Replay”, “Session Credential”, “Session ID”, “Session Manipulation”
IntegerA numeric variable that is a whole number
Intentional FamilyUnrelated individuals who have joined together to establish a loving, caring family.
InteractiveA program that communicates with a user through some I/O device
InterpreterA program that sequentially interprets each statement in a program into machine code and then immediately executes it
InterruptThe temporary halting of a program in order to process an event of higher priority
Intimate NetworkIndividuals who desire friendship and perhaps sex with their lovers and other friends, forming a web of varying connections within a social circle.
introduce"To get a monster's attention by attacking it with a massive first strike. ""Wait here, I'm gonna introduce myself to that Calf."" "
invis, invisoInvisibility. Any spell or effect that can cause the target to vanish from sight. Some NPCs can see through invisibility. Often needed to get into or out of difficult places.
IOWIn Other Words
IPLIPTIn Perfect Love, In Perfect Trust
IPOInitial; Pass On. Alternatively, Initial Public Offering.
IRCInternet relay chat
IRLIn Real Life (stuff outside the game, yeah, I know, strange idea)
IRRITAINMENTEntertainment and media spectacles that are annoying but you find yourself unable to stop watching them.
IRTIn Regards To
IRU, IRYI read you
ISOIn Search of
ISPInternet Service Provider
IssueAll-purpose term for practically anything relating to a product, from a particular characteristic or bug to a delicate diplomatic initiative.
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ITCIn The Cage
IterationThe process of repetition or looping; A new version, generation or refinement
ITGInternal Technical Gods
IVAny of the spells that provide Infravision, or just simply infravision by itself
IVRInteractive Voice Response
IYCIn Your Campaign
IYDLIn your dreams loser
IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean
J/KJust kidding
JackJack-o'lantern. Tough monster found in Unrest.
JAMJust A Minute
jammiesWood elf clothes.
Jargon a body of words and phrases that apply to a specific activity or profession, such as a particular art form or athletic or recreational endeavor, or a medical or scientific subject. Jargon is often necessary for precision when referring to procedures and materials integral to a certain pursuit.
JASEJust Another System Error
JavaA popular programming language developed by Sun Microsystems(tm). See also “ActiveX controls”, “Web Browser”, “JavaScript”, “Client-Side Scripting”
Java AppletsAn applet is a program written in the Java programming language that can be included in a web page. When a Java enabled web browser views a page containing an applet, the code is executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). See also “Web Browser”, “Java”, “ActiveX controls”, “JavaScript”, “Client-Side Scripting”
JavaScriptA popular web browser client-side scripting language used to create dynamic web page content. See also “Active X”, “Java Applets”, “Client-Side Scripting”
JB, jbootsJourneyman's Boots, a charge-based speed-enhancing piece of footwear.
JCJewelcraft. One of the trade skills, this one is for creating jewelry
JDBCJava Database connectivity
jelly, jelloGelatinous Cube.
JITJust In Time ( compiled at runtime )
JJ, J/JJust Joking.
JK, J/KJust Kidding.
JojoJojounga. Nasty Kobold Warrior NPC found in Innothule swamp
juggleSee twist.
juju"Magic or mana - especially for Ogres and Trolls. e.g. ""Snoj out of juju - wait while med!"" cf. mojo. (2.) Faction rating, or the effect that a particular action can have on it. e.g. ""Don't attack that goblin, it's bad juju with the guards."" "
JuJu stick"Any magical staff - especially for Ogres and Trolls. e.g. ""JuJu Stik fer sale!"" "
JW, J/WJust Wondering, or Jehovah Witness
KShort for ok
kamikazeA player that attacks things that are way too tough, almost always dying in the process. cf. scrub. (v.) To make an obviously suicidal attack on a mob for no apparent reason
KAYA name, also short for ok
KEWLCool, only cooler!
kEwlDoOdsee dOoD.
KeywordA reserved word
KillTo hit or bomb excessively. To delete a post. An NPC that has been killed. Any creature in the process of being killed. A very dominant win.
killfile"Another name for the /ignore list. Term originates from Usenet (aka the newsgroups), where a killfile served the same purpose there that the /ignore list serves on EverQuest. e.g. ""*sigh* Welcome to my killfile, jerkweed."" "
killnapperSee killstealer. Originated by Leiria of Karana
killstealerOne who steals kills, by either casting very powerful spells or simply by running up to an already engaged creature and killing it. Standard EQ combat etiquette states that when an NPC is already engaged by or engaging a PC, if the PC is not asking for help or in obvious immediate need of it (nearly dead, stunned, blinded, etc.) that any persons not already involved ask prior to engaging said NPC. Doing otherwise will get one branded as a ""killstealer."" "
KingThe best with the most
KISSKeep It Simple Stupid (programming maxim)
kite(usually "kiting"). To run around, deliberately training one or more NPCs, killing them slowly with DoT spells or DD spells (which takes a little better timing), while staying just out of their reach. e.g. ""Dontcha just hate when Bards are kiting, and they drag Lockjaw down on you?"" cf. reverse kite. "
kithKithicor Forest
kittyKerran, one of the cat people of Kerra Isle
kitty feetFeet Like Cat, a Ranger or Shaman spell that improves Agility. cf. FLC
Klugey(also Kludgey; pronounced "CLUE-gee): Clunky, inefficient, inelegant.
Knackeredvery tired, over-exerted, brain-dead
kneebiterHalflings or children
Know the ropes / learn the ropesa reference to understanding knots, ropes, and rigging (familiarity with or training in how to perform a task)
Known CGI fileSee “Predictable File Location”
Known DirectorySee “Predictable File Location”
KOSKill On Sight. Typically describing aggressive NPCs
KOTCKiss On The Cheek
KS, Kserkillstealer
Kung Fu"Combat style practiced by spellcasters, especially unarmed, or weakly armed ones, wherein little or no damage is actually done. e.g. ""Uh oh - Murlun's whipping out the Kung Fu, Lockjaw's in for it now! *snicker*"" "
L&LLord And Lady. 2 Love and Laughter, 3 Love and Light. 4 Legends and Lore.
L337L337 A language style where numbers are substituted for characters.
L337 H4><><0RElite Hacker
L33t SpeakChatting with words where numbers and symbols are substituted for letters and strange spellings and pronunciations are used.
L8RLater, See ya later
LabelAn identifer that marks a place in the program text for a goto statement
LadyHigh priestess
Lag(lagged, lagging) Increased latency resulting in slower overall game response. The delay between when you initiate an action with a key/button press or mouse movement and when it actually appears in the game. The lead factors that affect lag are FPS and the network connection (it's ping time and packet loss). Also called ping, latency. Man, I'm really lagged - orcs are teleporting all over the place!
lag evasionThe act of being right on top of a mob but not hitting it and then seeing the mob jump a few feet ahead e.g. ""I was right on top of that fire beetle but it used its lag evasion techniques to get away from me!"" cf. warp. "
lag-o-meterThe meter that measures latency, dropped packets and ping. Usually found in the upper left or lower right of the viewing area. "
lagbeastEphemeral horrific beast, known for causing indiscriminate mystery deaths, teleporting creatures, and random acts of stupidity. No known weakness. [picture not available] e.g. ""Die, foul lagbeast! Die!"" "
Lamer(AKA Llama) Cheaters, poor losers, etc
LANLocal Area Network. A network of computer connected at high speed by local cables, not the Internet.
LAN PartyA party where a group of people game on a LAN.
LARLarge Account Reseller
latencyHow much time it takes for a packet of information to get from one point to another. In EQ, refers to how slow one's connection is. Poor latency can result in ghosts, teleporting monsters and other strange occurences
lawn careThe act of cleaning an area of low level greens that give no experience and little or no loot
lawn tennisTwo (high-level) spell casters, some distance apart, alternating spellcasting on a creature, causing it to continually run back and forth between them. Highly amusing. Originated by Vinil and Silestra of Bristlebane
lawn trashAnnoying weak or small monsters (""green cons"") that roam around an otherwise higher-level area and will sometimes join in a battle in progress
Lay-upA siding where trains are parked overnight and on weekends
LDAP InjectionA technique for exploiting a web site by altering backend LDAP statements through manipulating application input. Similarly to the methodology of SQL Injection. See also “Parameter Tampering”, “Form Field Manipulation”
LDCLava Duct Crawler
LDRLong Distance Relationship
let outTo (accidentally) cause a mob (especially a high-powered one) to move from its normal spawn point to another area
LevelThe depth of nesting procedures or control structures
LeverageTo take advantage of; capitalize on.
LF, Lfay, LesserLesser Faydark, an area on the Faydwer continent
LGukLower Guk. cf. Dead Side, Live Side
LH, LOHLay on Hands. A paladin skill that heals the target.
LIFRLeave Items for Flag Runner.
light"Phrase used to denote a less extreme level of difficulty than a simple con reports. ""Red"" is 2 or 3 levels higher, ""deep red"" would be 3+ levels higher. ""Light red"" would be just above ""yellow"". cf. dark, deep "
LingoThis term vaguely refers to the speech of a particular community or group
Lingua Franca a language often adopted as a common tongue to enable communication between speakers of separate languages, though pidgins and creoles, both admixtures of two or more languages, are also considered lingua francas.
linkdead"A state of disconnection where the character is still in the game, and still affected by his surroundings. Linkdead characters are noted by the word linkdead next to their name in a ""who list"". "
linkdeathDeath caused by being disconnected in a dangerous situation.
Linked ListA dynamic data structure that is made up of elements, each of which points to the next element in the list through a pointer variable
list"A social convention whereby certain popular areas are shared by large numbers of people, using a first-come, first-serve method. "
LiteralAn unnamed constant in a program
litterTo leave corpses lying around instead of looting them (usually because the dead creature offers little or no treasure).
Little RStands for "Reply To Originator".
LiveWhere something is at, "where does this live", or, something in production "is the site live"
Live Side"The part of lower Guk populated by Frogloks and other assorted creatures. cf. Dead Side, LGuk. "
lizzy, lizziesOgres and Trolls insist on calling Lizardmen in the Jungle of Ferrott 'lizzies'.
LJLockjaw, a crocodile found in the Oasis of Marr
LJBFLet's Just Be Friends
LLLegends & Lore
LLLLight, Love, Life
LMAOLaughing my ass off
LMHOLaughing My Head Off
Local IdentifierAn identifier declared within a procedure or function
Local VariableA variable declared within a procedure or function
LocksmithRogue. e.g. I'm a 20th level Locksmith!
logTo log off from EverQuest by camping. e.g. ""Seeya guys, gotta log."" 2. To record everything in the chat window by way of the /log command. cf. logfile
log fileA text log record of everything that flashes through your chat window. Toggled on an off by the /log command. Log files can be analyzed with varying success with the use of a log parser. cf. log (2.)
LOLLaughing Out Loud. cf. ROFL.
LOMLow on Mana (a good time to slow or even stop pulling)
Long WordA location in memory occupying 4 adjacent bytes, the storage required for a variable of type longint
LoopA set of statements that are executed repeatedly, to run an NPC in circles keeping it occupied while the rest of the party deals with another NPC. Kiting
Loose cannona piece of artillery that is not secure and therefore can cause damage or injury when it rolls on its wheels from the ship’s movement or from its recoil after being fired (out of control or unpredictable)
lootTo empty a corpse of anything it might have carried. Anything carried on NPCs that can be taken when the NPC is killed.
loreOnly one of that particular kind may be possessed at a time, including equipped or in the bank
LORGLarge Organization
loveThe state of being KOS to a specific type of mob. e.g. "That guy has gnoll love" cf. KOS, faction.
LoW, LotWLangseax of the Wolves. A warrior weapon
Low-Hanging FruitThe simplest, most readily solvable issues or objectives
lowbieThe new character for an experienced player. cf. newbie 2.
LPBLow Ping Bastard. A player with a low ping. Generally these are players on local or high-speed Internet connections. Generally disliked, although that is changing as high-speed Internet becomes widely available. Generally pings 75 or below consistently.
lull"Any of the 'lull' line of spells or bard songs which causes hostile NPC's not currently engaged in combat to become less hostile and ignore passing party members or nearby fights. Can also refer to the Bardic song which causes a creature to fall asleep while in combat. cf. off, on. "
lupineAny of various armours found on werewolves.
lure"To cause a distant monster to run to you and attack, rather than closing with it; usually accomplished with a missile weapon or ranged damage spell. cf. fetch and bait. "
LYLAS/LYLABLove Yah Like A Sister/Brother
Machine LanguageA language consisting of strings of 0s and 1s that the computer interprets as instructions
Mail ThreadA sequence of e-mail messages dealing with a single issue
mailmanSomeone who is on a FedEx quest. cf. FedEx Quest.
main lift"The southernmost of the three lifts in the tree city of Kelethin. The first lift you reach when arriving at Kelethin from Felwithe by road. Popular newbie gathering zone. cf. orc lift, priest lift. "
MakeThe process of recompiling only those units whose source code has been modified since the last compile. A program that manages this process
making donuts"Can be the same as cooking dinner, but also is more specifically used to indicate the usual ritual that almost all Magicians go through when they first start an Everquest session. (e.g. summon some or all of the following: 5-10 food, 5-10 water, 40 or so bandages, light, heatstone/coldstone, dimensional pockets, and/or a weapon.) (Comes from that Dunkin' Donuts commercial where the guy gets up first thing in the morning and walks around muttering ""Time to make the donuts."") "
malise"Malise or Malisement. A Shaman or Magician debuffing spell. Reduces resistances to Fire, Cold, Magic and Poison. "
mana crack"The Enchanter spell Clarity, or any similar mana-refreshing effect. cf. crack. "
mana dumpSee hose.
mana pimp"Anyone who provides mana regeneration. e.g. ""Dood! Our very own mana pimp!"" Usu. refers to Bard or Enchanter"
mana spongeAnyone who requires an excessive amount of heals or other spell-type maintenance.
MapThe 3D world that you play in. Levels.
MappingTargeting. "Mapping a user group" is synonymous with "targeting an audience."
MAPSMicrosoft Authorized Premier Support
Married coupleTwo cars permanently attached, identified by their consecutive numbers
Martha StewartAny player who produces a lot of goods by way of the Trade skills.
MASMicrosoft Authorized Support
master lootML, Master Looter. One person loots the bodies, except for no drop items. When the party is done hunting, items will be divided, and or sold. Wait for the "Split"
McDonald'sAny NPC or player who sells food and water
MCSPMicrosoft Certified Solution Provider
MDACMicrosoft Data Access Components
meatA character too low level to be in the present zone.
meat shieldAny melee class.
med"Meditate. A skill used to regain mana rapidly. While meditating, a player cannot see anything except their spellbook. e.g. ""Watch my back while I med for a minute."" cf. NIB, zen. Also, medding."
MediaContent that isn't words
Megan's Tower"The tower in northern Everfrost where Megan O'Reilly usually is. Her dog, Snowflake will lead you here if you ask him ""Where is Megan?"". Tundra Jack and Iceberg are often spotted here as well. "
mem"To memorize spells or songs. Generally used only by bards who can't meditate. e.g. ""Hold on while I mem!"" "
MemoryThe space within the computer for holding information and running programs
mes, mezTo cast a lull spell on a creature.
Meta-Character InjectionAn attack technique used to exploit web sites by sending in meta-characters, which have special meaning to a web application, as data input. Meta-characters are characters that have special meaning to programming languages, operating system commands, individual program procedures, database queries, etc. These special characters can adversely alter the behavior of a web application. See also “Null Injection”, “Parameter Tampering”, “SQL Injection”, “LDAP Injection”, “Cross-Site Scripting”
MetricsMeasurement, statistical data
MigratingMoving; usually applied to movement to new systems or programs.
MilestoneA predetermined point in the product build at which certain goals have been met.
Millers"A farm in Western Karana run by the Miller Family (NPCs). Also refers to Baobob and Chanda Miller, two NPCs in Qeynos Hills. "
MIMEMulti-purpose Internet Mail Extensions
Mini-CT"The Avatar of Fear, found in the Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule. So called, because he looks just like Cazic-Thule (the God of Fear), but about 1/8th his size. e.g. ""Me and Bruceleeroy were camping Mini-CT to get those Bladed Thulian Claws."" "
mino axeMinotaur Axe. A good single-handed slashing weapon found on some Minotaurs in Steamfont and the Beholder Maze.
MMMerry Meet, Monster Mythology, Monstrous Manual, Mistmoore zone, Mithaniel Marr (a diety in Everquest and the name of an EQ server), Madman. Creature found in North Ro and the Oasis of Marr
MMCMaiden, Mother, Crone
MMMSaid if you have eaten something nice, also can mean your thinking about something.
MMMPMMAMerry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again
mobAny NPC capable of moving around on it's own. From 'mobile' or 'movable object', an old MUD code term
MOBISODEA clip of a full-length TV show or film made for watching on a mobile phone or MP4 player
ModShortened form of Moderator, or Short for Modification. An add-on for the game that changes the game play in some sort of way. Usually developed by the player community and freely available on the Internet
ModeFrame of mind, usually denoting intense concentration
ModelThe shape or body of a player in the game.
ModuleA self-contained routine or group of routines
mojoTrolls and Ogres often refer to spellcasting as mojo
mommaMammoth (as opposed to the mammoth calf). Very tough creature. It is not wise to attack a mammoth calf when the momma is around.
MON1Monstrous Compendium Appendix I
MON2Monstrous Compendium Appendix II
MON3Monstrous Compendium Appendix III
Monty HaulA campaign where magic items and treasure are overly abundant. A character can buy a nation by 4th level.
MootoA goblin shaman NPC in the Misty Thicket. He has a bad habit of surprising unsuspecting newbies who are hunting goblin warriors.
MORGMedium Sized Organization
MOTASMember Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTOSMember Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSSMember Of The Same Sex
MOUSE POTATOThe on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato. Someone who spends all their time at home surfing the internet
mowingSee lawn care.
MPMerry Part
MPF, MPWMass Produce Food/Water.
MRMagic Resistance. Mana remaining
MSMicrosoft Corporation
MSILMicrosoft Intermediate Language
MTMain Tank (character designated to take the monsters attack), or Empty
mtfbwuMay the force be with you
MTGMagic the gathering, a collectable card game
MUHAHAEvil laugh
mule"Any character created specifically for the purpose of holding or selling equipment. e.g. ""Bandedforsale?! Ha! What twerp created that mule?"" "
Multi-taskingCommon technical term pertaining to multiple functions performed by a computer, applied to people in the sense of juggling two or more tasks simultaneously
MunchkinGenerally used for someone who uses superman type ability scores, wants +5 magic items, and kills dragons at 2nd level without breaking a sweat. Derogatory term.
MW!My word!
MWHAHAEven eviler laugh
NaggyLord Nagafen. Very tough red Dragon, residing somewhere near Solusek's Eye
NajNajena. Dungeon zone.
nakedWithout any equipment or weapons.
NARF!If you watch Pinky and the Brain, you'll know
NATNative Address Translation. Wiki
NaugrimAny Dwarf. (rare) From 'The Silmarillion', means 'Stunted People'
NBDNo Big Deal
NDANon-disclosure agreement
NDMNothing, doesn't matter
NEAny, or Neutral Evil
NekNektulos (Forest). Region just north of the Commonlands and south of the Lavastorm Mountains on Antonica. Inhabited primarily by Dark Elves and Guardian beasts.
Neo-Paganisma modern Earth Religion which borrows and adapts from the best of pre-Christian Pagan religions, sometimes with additions from contemporary religious thinkers
neon housecoat"Spellcasters' robes, particularly the brightly colored junior and senior apprentice robes available most mages' guild buidings in major cities. (But not used to refer to an FBR or Robe of the Oracle (RotO). Originated by Invectus Stormborn, Wizard of Qeynos, Tunare Server "
nerf"The act of reducing the effectiveness of a game element, done by the programmers of the game, e.g. making certain spells less powerful, making a particular weapon slower, making a particlar class more prone to spell fizzles, etc. e.g. ""Man, they really nerfed the Enchanter this time!"" "
NestingThe placement of one unit within another
NewbieA player who is new to computers, the game or the community. In games, some players dislike newbies and take advantage of them
Newbie LiftSee main lift
Newbie LogArea in the Nektulos forest where newbie Dark Elves tend to hang out, marked by a large log
newbiecitePlain clothes, or nothing at all - refers to the clothing someone is wearing. Can also refer to armour (usually Rubicite) of a significantly lower power than expected for someone of that level. Especially if it's a higher-level person. e.g. ""Heya, Zed - Nice newbiecite. *snicker*"" "
NIBNose in Book. Used when a spellcaster is meditating. med.
nightieAny sort of a spellcaster's robes. e.g. ""Aww - doesn't he look cute in his pink nightie?"" "
NimbleAgile, responsive, quick to react. Generally used to describe smaller software companies
ninja lootTo loot out of order deliberately - especially when covered up. Also, to loot corpses that don't belong to you. e.g. ""We had a great party until Superhamsub started ninja looting!"" cf stealth looter.
NKNorth Karana. An area in the western part of Antonica
NMNever Mind.
NNTPNetwork News Transport Protocol
no-drop, no-tradeAny item that cannot be dropped or traded, but will stay when the player logs out. The only way to get rid of these items is to destroy them or give them to an NPC (including pets). cf. no-rent. MUD term
no-rent"Any item that will disappear when you camp, such as summoned items. Some no-rent items (such as the various clerical ""Hammer"" spells) also cannot be dropped or traded to another person. cf. no-drop, no-trade. MUD term"
NODNodding to someone, usually indicates agreement
NodeAn individual element of a tree or list
Non-monogamyThe practice of creating intimate relationships that may include sexuality which do not require sexual exclusivity. As a result, there may or may not be more than one such relationship occurring at a time.
NONEBRITYSomeone who ends up a minor celebrity despite having no obvious talent
NonlinearRoughly synonymous with irrationally angry
noob, noobieSee newbie.
NOYBNone of your business
NPNo Problem.
NP / N/PNo probs, no problem
NPCNon-Player Character. Any character in the game played by the computer rather than a human being.
NRNNo Reply Needed
NRoThe Desert of North Ro. cf. SRo.
NSFWNot Safe For Work. Used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues
ntNo text. Used on message boards to indicate that the message is empty. Or the Windows Operating system NT (originally stood for New Techlology)
NTTAWWTNot That There's Anything Wrong With That
NukeTo maliciously destroy a thread. To kill an NPC by use of a high-powered spell. Characters who can do this (esp. Wizards) are known as nukers
Null InjectionAn exploitation technique used to bypass sanity checking filters by adding URL encoded null-byte characters to user-supplied data. When developers create web applications in a variety of programming languages, these web applications often pass data to underlying lower level C-functions for further processing and functionality. If a user-supplied string contains a null character (\0), the web application may stop processing the string at the point of the null. Null Injection is a form of a meta-character Injection attack. See also “Encoding Attacks”, “Parameter Tampering”, “Meta Character Injection”
null pointerA pointer having the special value of null. A null pointer doesn't point to anything
NW!No way!
Object CodeThe output of a compiler
OBOOr Best Offer. Usually used in trades or auctions
OBTWOh by the way
Occultoccluded or hidden, secret; the study of secret or hidden knowledge. Secret societies include the Masons and Rosicrucians
OCUOrganizational Customer Unit
OD"Outdoors. Any spell that cannot be cast indoors, although once cast, it's effects may remain upon entering an indoor area. "
ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
off"Enchanter-specific term used in conjunction with any of a number of lull-related spells, which cause an NPC to become non-aggressive. Off means that the spell was successful and the creature is non-aggressive e.g. ""Both cents are off, fetch away!"" cf. lull, on. "
OfflineOutside the confines of a meeting, "let's take this offline"
OffsetAn index within a segment
OH-NO-SECONDThat minuscule fraction of time when you realise you’ve just made a huge mistake
OHGHallowed Ground
oil baronAny Sand Giant
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OMG, OMFGOh my god
OMWOn my way.
on"Enchanter-specific term used in conjunction with any of a number of lull-related spells, which cause an NPC to become non-aggressive. On means that the NPC is not pacified and may be aggressive. e.g. ""Watch that leg, he's still on."" cf. lull, off. "
on instrumentsNavigating by use of the /loc command. cf. /loc.
on me!Spellcaster's phrase used to signal a mob is hitting them and won't get off.
One Guard, Three Guards"Sometimes referred to as Bandl/Snowflake. The two main passages from the Everfrost Tundra back toward Halas, so named for the amount of Barbarian guards stationed at each one. "
OOBEOut Of Body Experience
OOCOut Of Character - zone wide chatter
OOFOut of facility
OOMOut of Mana (hold the pulls, or if engaged with a dangerous mob, get ready to evac, zone or die)
OOSOut of Stamina
OOTThe Ocean of Tears which lies between the continents of Faydwer and Antonica. Currently, the only way to enter this area is via the boats departing from Freeport and Butcherblock. "
Open Relationship or Open MarriageA non-monogamous relationship or marriage. A relationship is open if there is an agreement among the members that it is acceptable to get sexually and/or romantically involved outside of the relationship. Specific rules within a relationship about such involvement are usually negotiated to best fit the people in the relationship. For instance, one or more members may want prior notification of any outside involvement by another member.
Open The KimonoSynonym for "open the books," it means to reveal the inner workings of a project or company to a prospective new partner.
OperandAn argument that is combined with one or more operands and operators to form an expression
Operating SystemA program that manages all operations and resources of the computer
OperatorA symbol, such as +, that is used to form expressions
Operator HiearchyThe rules that determine the order in which operators in an expression are evaluated
OPMOEM Program Manager
Orange BadgeContractor, temp, contingent staffer (see also A-dash). From the background color of the photo ID badge/card key used for temps.
ORBObject Request Broker
Orc Hill"Large Orc-infested campsite in Greater Faydark between Kelethin and Crushbone. Named for the elevated area or ""hill"" in the middle of it, it contains a large amount of low level orcs. e.g. ""Lvl 7 Tank and Mage Need help at Orc Hill!"" "
Orc Lift"The northernmost lift in the tree-city of Kelethin. Popular meeting spot, binding point, and train station. cf. main lift, priest lift. "
Ordinal TypeAn ordered range of values; same as scalar type
OSOperating System - MS-Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac-OS, etc
OS Command InjectionSee “OS Commanding”
OS CommandingAn attack technique used to exploit web sites by executing operating-system commands through manipulating application input. See also “Parameter Tampering”, “Form Field Manipulation”
OTOff Topic (sometimes On Topic)
OTFOn The Floor (presumably from laughing)
OTOHOn the other hand
OutputThe result of running a program. Output can be sent to a printer, displayed on screen, or written to disk
OverflowThe condition that results when an operation produces a value that is more positive or negative than the computer can represent, given the allocated space for the value or expression
OwnTo take responsibility for an issue.
own, owned, ownz0rd[kEwLdEwD sPek] To be able to kill something while taking little or no damage yourself. If you were smashed in a match, completely outdone, then you were owned
Owns, OwnzWhen you excel at something or are better than other players.
P2PPay to play
Packet LossWhen there is an error transmitting data to/from the server and it has to be resent. Causes a small lag/jump in the game.
PactSigned pledge of silence
Pagana practitioner of an Earth Religion; from the Latin 'paganus', meaning 'country dweller'
Page Sequencing(Obsolete) See “Insufficient Process Validation”
PaletA quilt or blanket used as a temporary place to sleep
pallyPaladin. One of the character classes in EQ.
Panel pieceA painting below the windows and between the doors of a subway car.
ParameterA variable or value that is passed to a procedure or function
Parameter ListThe list of value and variable parameters declared in the heading of a procedure or function declaration
Parameter TamperingAltering or modification of the parameter name and value pairs in a URL. Also known as “URL Manipulation”. See also “Uniform Resource Locator”
Pascal, BlaiseA French mathematician and philosopher (1623-66) who built a mechanical adding machine, considered to be an early predecessor to calculators and computers
PassTo use a parameter
Password Recovery SystemAn automated process that allows a user to recover or reset his password in the event that it has been lost or forgotten. See also “Weak Password Recovery Validation”
pastyAny High Elf.
PatchouliGraveyard dust, also an herb
pathing"The preprogrammed routes that NPC mobs will follow when moving in certain zones. Pathing is designed to prevent mobs from getting lost. Unfortunately, it often creates as many problems as it solves. "
Patoisrefers loosely to a nonstandard language such as a creole, a dialect, or a pidgin, with a connotation of the speakers’ social inferiority to those who speak the standard language.
Paw"Also known as Infected Paw; a zone in the Southern Planes of Karana that used to be filled with Splitpaw Gnolls and a very nasty dark elf necromancer. New residents moved in recently, making this out-of-the-way dungeon a bit tougher challenge. 2. Paw of Opolla. Nice item for Clerics, Druids and Shamans that adds to many attributes. The quest is long and involved, however. "
PB, PBRPoint-Blank Radius. Referring to spells which affect all NPCs standing very close to the caster.
PBBPolished Bone Bracer.
PBEMPlay By E-Mail Game or Campaign
PCPolitcally Correct, or, Player character. Any character in the game played by a human being.
PDPublic Domain
PEPortable Executable Files (and dlls)
pegTo be high on a monster's 'shit-list'.
penance"The act of killing hundreds of innocent ""greens"" in order to improve faction in a normally ""KOS"" city. "
pending lore"A rare item that is soon to be converted to a lore item. While one can own more than one pending lore item, it's not a good idea, because it might be converted to lore unexpectedly, thus causing the extra item(s) to be destroyed. This was only in use briefly in June of 1999, and may not be seen now. "
PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCEThe fine art of whacking the shit out of an electronic device to get it to work again.
PermatempTemp/contractor/contingent employee who's been working for a consecutive period of years
pet"Creatures made by any one of a number of Magician, Enchanter and Necromancer spells, and under the control of their creators (more or less). Magicians summon Elementals, Necromancers raise the dead, and Enchanters animate the inanimate (sword and shield). May also refer to charmed creatures or NPCs. "
PFCPegasus Feather Cloak.
PGTPolished Granite Tomahawk. Slashing weapon found in High Pass.
phSee placeholder.
PHBPlayer's Handbook
PICPolitically Incorrect, or Picture
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Specification
PieceA painting, short for masterpiece.
Piece bookA writer's sketchbook.
pigA Gargoyle. From the physical resemblance to porcine creatures
PingThe time (in milliseconds) that it takes for information to be sent to the server. Ping can be affected by such things as your modem, your ISP, sunspots, or static. Also, a reminder, or to remind: "I need to ping my program manager to get some more test help."
ping pongSee lawn tennis.
PITAPain in the ass
pk, pker, pkillerSee PVP.
pk, pkill"To engage in combat with another player, usually only one who has chosen to be a player-killer (indicated by having their name appear in red). cf. PVP. "
PL1. Power Leveling. 2. Packet Loss. When there is an error transmitting data to/from the server and it has to be resent 3. Perfect Love
placeholder"Any mob that, when killed, forces the spawning of another, specific mob. e.g. ""Certain Orc Legionnaires act as a placeholder for the Orc Warlord in Crushbone."" "
plat, ppPlatinum piece(s). In D&D and in Everquest, 1 pp equals 10 gold, 100 Silver or 1000 Copper
PLAY-DOUGHMoney set aside for a night on the town
plinkingSee lawn care
PMPrivate Message
PMFJIPardon Me For Jumping In
PNGPortable Network Graphics
POPersonal Opinion, or Player's Options rulebooks (optional 2nd Edition rules)
POA, POF, POH, POS"Plane of Air, Plane of Fear, Plane of Hate and Plane of Sky respectively. Very tough zones designed for very high level characters. Plane of Air and Plane of Sky are the same thing. "
poach"To killsteal in a camped area. cf. killsteal, vulch. "
PoCPlanes of Conflict
POCboxPlanes of Chaos
PoDThe Priest of Discord.
POD LiftSee priest lift.
PointerA variable that points to a specific memory location
pokerAny piercing weapon, especially as used by Rogues.
PoLPlanes of Law
Polyandrythe state or practice of having two or more husbands at the same time.
PolyfidelityA group in which all partners are primary to all other partners and sexual fidelity is to the group; shared intent of a lifelong run together. More primary partners can be added with everyone?s consent.
PolygamyThe practice of having more than one wife or husband at a time.
PolygynyThe state or practice of having two or more wives at the same time.
PolyMarriage1: the state of being committed in multiple partnered relationship 2: a multiple partnered relationship where a commitment ritual was performed 3: any close or intimate multi partnered union of duration
PopThe removal of the topmost element from a stack. Spawning or respawning
popperAny one of several skletons that start out as a pile of bones, then leap to their feet to attack players. "
PortAn I/O device that can be accessed through the CPU's data bus
Potato ArmorIndicolite armor. Warrior-only armor found in the Plane of Hate. So called, because it used to be called Lustrous Russet armor, and since it is brown, and Russet is a kind of potato, the name fit. "
POVPoint Of View, or Planes of Valor
powergamerA person who plays in a high power, level and risk campaign, or, A player who seeks to advance in levels and/or accumulate wealth as quickly as possible, to the exclusion of almost every other game consideration. Often (but not always) willing to use a variety of questionable methods (twinking, exploits, and so forth)
powwow"Two characters sitting facing one another, especially in conversation. e.g. ""Let's not bother their powwow."" "
PoXPlanes of Chaos
PP"PP - (v.) Pickpocket. A Rogue skill, which allows the Rogue to gain additional loot from a still-living NPC. e.g. ""I just PPed a wooden shield off that orc!"" (Note: Verant has confirmed that PP does not detract from a creature's loot, it's in addition to loot from the corpse.) "
PPIPay Per Incident
ppl, ppls, peepsCommon abbreviation for people.
PPPPProper Person Properly Prepared
PRAIRIE DOGGINGWhen someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on.
PrecedenceThe order in which operators are executed
Predefined IdentifierA constant, type, file, logical device, procedure or function that is available to the programmer without having to be defined or declared
Predictable File LocationA technique used to access hidden web site content or functionality by making educated guesses, manually or automatically, of the names and locations of files. Predictable file locations may include directories, CGI’s, configuration files, backup files, temporary files, etc
PRICKName given to someone who likes to cheat on gaming servers
pricklies"Any of the Druid line of damage shield spells, such as Thistle Coat. "
priest lift"The middle of the three lifts in the tree city of Kelethin, noted for being very close to the Priest of Discord. Popular meeting spot. cf. orc lift, main lift. "
Primary Relationship(s)The relationship(s) which is (are) the most important and typically involve a high degree of commitment, such as the relationship with a marriage partner.
proc"[from 'Perpetual Randomness Of Casting' or possibly just 'procedure' or 'process'] (adj.) Refers to a magical effect of a specific item that occurs at random during combat. e.g. ""I just got a new tommy, and I can't wait to test the proc!'"" "
ProcedureA subprogram that can be called from various parts of a larger program
Procedure CallAn invocation of a procedure
ProgramA set of instructions for a computer to carry out
PromptA string printed by a program to signal to the user that input is desired and (sometimes) what kind of input is expected
PSPlanescape setting
PSBoxPlanescape Campaign Setting
PSMCIPlanescape Monsterous Compendium Appendix I
PSMCIIPlanescape Monsterous Compendium Appendix II
PSMCIIIPlanescape Monsterous Compendium Appendix III
PSSProduct Support Services
PSTPremier Support Team
PTPerfect Trust
PTS - Pet Train Syndrome"Refers to the unfortunate tendency pets have of wandering where they shouldn't be, getting killed, thus resulting in an annoyed creature (or creatures) tracking down the pet's former owner. e.g. ""I thought I got trained in Mistmoore, but it turns out that my elemental had a bad case of PTS."" cf. ETS. "
pullTo go into a more dangerous area to entice an NPC to follow one into a safer area, where one's groupmates can trap it. Common group tactic, often combined with camping. cf. bait, fish, fetch, feign pull, fpull, puller
pullerOne who pulls. cf. pull
puppy feetSee SoW.
PushThe addition of an element to the top of a stack
Push BackRespond more forcefully to an unfavorable answer
PVP - Player vs. Player"Refers to a PC who has chosen to be a player-killer. Such a person can only kill others who have chosen the same, and is indicated by having his or her name in red. Non-PVP persons are safe from PVP attacks. Also designates areas (city arenas), zones (The Arena), or entire servers (Rallos Zek) where this option is automatically activated for everyone. Those who have activated this option by using the Tome of Discord are said to be PvP+; those who have not are PvP-. "
PW - (n.) Patchwork (armour)"A kind of armour, better than cloth, but not as good as Leather, that can be crafted from ruined pelts, using the Tailoring trade skill. "
Q - (P.n.) QeynosA city of Humans on the western edge of Antonica.
QFEQuick Fix Engineering
Qhills - Qeynos HillsAn area between Qeynos and the Plains of Karanas.
QuadA multiple partnered relationship with four members, or a method of soloing where you pull 4 creatures, let them chase you, and nuke them periodically until they are dead.
Quality BarThe level of acceptability in a product
QUERYQuestion, asking someone something
QVDQuietly Vesting Disease. The behavior of full-time employees as they near a critical vesting point prior to their anticipated departure from the company. Symptoms include arriving at noon or later, taking on obscure projects with no particular value to the company, and avoiding decision- making at all costs.
RackTo steal.
RADRapid Application Development
radarThe Tracking skill. cf. rangerdar.
Rail HoSomeone that is proficient with the Rail Gun and uses it almost exclusively to kill other players.
RAMRandom-access memory
Ramp upTo gear up, to reinforce, and, in a sense, to gird oneself for greater effort.
RandomAdjectve used to describe poorly reasoned analysis.
Random AccessDirectly accessing an element of a data structure without sequentially searching the entire structure for the element
RandomizeConstantly changing course or emphasizing irrelevant details.
Range-checkingChecking a value to make sure it is within the legal range defined
rangerdar"The Tracking skill, specifically for Rangers. cf. radar. "
RBB - Runed Bolster BeltA waist garment that provides a haste effect for it's wearer.
RDBMSRemote Database Management System
RDFResource Description Framework
RDORemote Data Objects
RDSRemote Data Service
REReply, you see it all the time on your emails
Real EstateRoom, primarily on a computer screen.
Real NumberA number represented by decimal point and/or scientific notation
REALITYSomething that exists outside the world of gaming
Reality Distortion FieldWhen a team deludes itself that it can achieve impossibly tight milestones and solve insurmountable tech problems, and derides any nonbelievers as visionless pessimists and cynics.
REALMDimension, can refer to a planet "Earth Realm"
RecordA structured data type referenced by one identifier that consists of several different fields
RecursionA programming technique in which a subprogram calls itself
RedeWitch law or maxim
Redlegs[Red + leg(ionnaire)+s ] The legionnaire/orc chief spawn in Lesser Faydark (so named because he cons red long after all other legionnaires con green).
RegularSomeone who lives on the forums or on a game server
Relation OperatorThe operators which are used to form Boolean expressions
RepurposeTo redesign for use in another context
Reserved WordAn identifer reserved by the compiler. A word whose use and meaning is reserved for only by the program
ResonateAppeal, strike. "Let’s see how this plan resonates with marketing."
RespawnWhen an item/player reappears in the game
ResultThe value returned by a procedure, function or program
reverse kiteUsing a Fear-type of spell to cause a monster to flee, then killing it while it runs
Rez"[From a Cleric spell, Resurrect] (v.) To resurrect or raise a player. (n.) Any of the resurrection line of Cleric spells, such as Restoration and Resurrect. eg. ""I kept asking for a res, but no one was answering."" cf. rez. "
RF (name)Enemy has Redeemer Fan, someone who is camping on the redeemer.
RFR!"[From ""Run, Forrest. Run!""] ""Run away!"" cf. z, zone "
RidgySubway car with corrugated, stainless-steel sides, unsuitable for graffiti.
ring"To travel magically to ruins or pylons, or to gate others there. ie ""Let's ring to Feerrot and do cazic gators"" (n.) Ringmail. e.g. ""WTB sm ring gloves."" "
RLRavenloft setting, or Shorthand for Rocket Launcher, or Real life
RL - Real Life"""My RL girlfriend is about to cut the phone line. Gotta log."" cf. IRL. "
RLMCIRavenloft Monsterous Compendium I
RLMCIIRavenloft Monsterous Compendium II
RMIRemote Method Invocation
robe"Any caster, such as a Magician, Necromancer, Enchanter or Sorcerer. "
RobustA program or piece of code that’s fully fleshed-out, strong, brimming with health so that bugs can’t survive.
rock1, rock2"Refers to the two pillars protruding from the sea in the Oasis of Marr. Rock1 is the northernmost of the two, and rock2 is the southernmost. cf. r1, r2, p1, p2. "
Rocket Jump(AKA RJ) Jumping very high by shooting a rocket at the ground as you jump. The concussion propels you upward. Takes some practice to do this without killing yourself. There are scripts and bindings to do it automatically.
ROFRolling on floor
ROFL, ROTFLRolling on the Floor Laughing
ROFLMAORolling on floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOLRolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud
RoK - (P.n.) Ruins of KunarkAn expansion for EverQuest, including the Iksar, and a whole continent to explore
roleplayerA player that tries to talk and act in character at all times. Usually has great dislike for out of context chat and powergamers
roll1. To use the in-game ""magic die"" to randomly roll for loot. e.g. ""Hey, everyone roll for the JBoots."" 2. To kill and take loot
rolldownThe act of killing and taking loot as used in roll
RollineWhite handled witch knife
ROMRead-only memory
rootTo cast a movement-inhibiting spell such as Root, stopping the target from advancing or fleeing
ROTFRolling on the floor
ROTFLMAORolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.
RPRomantic Partner or Role Play
RPGRole-Playing Game
RS - Ravenscale ArmorRogue only armour found in Cazic Thule. Replaced Rubicite.
RSNReal Soon Now
RTFMRead the manual. Usually used when someone asks a blatantly obvious question. See "Google it"
RTMAcronym for the entirely fictional date that a product is scheduled to be "released to manufacturing."
RTSReal time strategy, i.e. Star Craft
RTS - (n.) Runed Totem StaffA common low level magical staff.
RTWRelease to web
rubi (n.) Rubicite armor"Red platemail wearable by hybrids and warriors, that was deprecated by the appearance of several class-specific armours. "
RunguppNasty Troll Shaman NPC wandering the Toxxulia forest with a taste for newbies.
runner"1. Any NPC with a tendency to run away when their health runs low (and thus cause trains unless speedily killed or rooted). 2. Any NPC currently running away as a result of low health. e.g. ""Be ready to zone, we lost a runner."" cf. gimp (2.) "
Runny - (P.n.) RunnyEye Citadel"Home to the RunnyEye Goblin tribe, this moderately difficult dungeon is also known for Evil Eyes and Borxx. It's found in the Misty Thicket "
RuntimeDuring the execution of the program
RUSHCharge the base.
RWRoger Wilco - in game communication program
RW - (n.) Roger Wilco"a separate application that permits voice communications simultaneous with game packet transmission. e.g. ""My friend and I are in RW."""
RZ - (P.n.) Rallos Zekone of the servers in EverQuest.
S&MSpells and Magic rulebook (optional magic rules)
S&PSkills and Powers rulebook (optional character creation rules)
s,sp - (n.) SilverUnit of currency in EverQuest. 1 Silver equals 10 Copper. 10 Silver equals 1 Gold. 100 Silver equals 1 Platinum.
S/SSnagged and Sharing
SA - (n.) Spiritual Armor"A Cleric, Paladin and Necromancer spell that improves armour class. cf. HA. "
Saddam"See Habib, SG. "
SadonecroequiiphiliaBeating a dead horse
SBCStiletto of the Bloodclaw.
SBD - Serrated Bone DirkMid-level Rogue piercing weapon of choice found in Lower Guk.
SBH - Shiny Brass HalberdNice magic item that also projects light.
SBS - Shiny Brass ShieldNice magical shield that also projects light
Scalar TypeAny type consisting of ordered components (for example, integer, char, longint, and so forth)
Scientific NotationA description of a number that usues a number between 1 and 10 (called the mantissa) multiplied by a power of 10 (called the exponent). Because computers cannot easily display exponents on the screen, scientific notation is usually written using an E, as in 24E15 - which means 24 multiplied by 10 to the 15'th power
ScopeThe visibility of an identifer within a program
scoutTo check the nearby area's for NPC's or other hazards. (n.) Someone who scouts.
scrapper"(1.) A player who scavenges dropped items to sell. (2.) The lowest leveled player in a party, so called because he gets the scraps of experience leftover. "
screamer"(1.) A Screaming Mace, a quest item from Crushbone. (2.) Any person who constantly shouts HELP! or shouts everything they say. "
ScriptsFiles that when used in the game will perform a series of actions at the press of a key/button.
scrub"1. A player who knows the mechanics of the game but doesn't play the game well. e.g. ""That guy was 15th level but he was such a scrub. He got us all killed three times."" 2. Halflings (in general). 3. Weak or low-level pets. "
SESupport Engineer
seagull"newbies flocking around high levels who are killing guards, hoping for loot scraps. Like their namesake birds, these newbies often squabble raucously amonst themselves over who gets what. cf. gull. "
Secondary Relationship(s)Close, ongoing emotional and/or sexual relationship(s), but with a lesser degree of commitment than a primary relationship.
Secure Sockets Layer(Acronym – SSL) An industry standard public-key protocol used to create encrypted tunnels between two network-connected devices. See also “Transport Layer Security”
SegmentOn 8088-based machines, RAM is divided into several segments, or parts, each made up of 64K of memory
Self-ToastTo fatally contradict yourself
Separate CompilationThe ability to break a large program into several discrete modules, compile each module separately, then link them into a larger excutable (.EXE) file
SeparatorA blank or comment
Sequential AccessThe ordered access of each element of a data structure, starting at the first element of the structure
ServerWhat the client connects to to play the game. It coordinates the action between the players. All games require a server either on the Internet, LAN, or locally.
Server BrowserAn application used to locate servers and players on the Internet
Session CredentialA string of data provided by the web server, normally stored within a cookie or URL, which identifies a user and authorizes them to perform various actions. See also “Session ID”
Session FixationAn attack technique that forces a user’s session credential or session ID to an explicit value. See also “Session Credential”, “Session ID”
Session ForgingSee “Session Prediction”
Session Hi-JackingThe result of a user’s session being compromised by an attacker. The attacker could reuse this stolen session to masquerade as the user. See also “Session Prediction”, “Session Credential”, “Session ID”
Session IDA string of data provided by the web server, normally stored within a cookie or URL. A Session ID tracks a user’s session, or perhaps just his current session, as he traverse the web site
Session ManipulationAn attack technique used to hi-jack another user’s session by altering a session ID or session credential value. See also “Session Prediction”, “Session Hi-Jacking”, “Session Credential”, “Session ID”
Session PredictionAn attack technique used to create fraudulent session credentials or guess other user’s current session ID’s. If successful, an attacker could reuse this stolen session to masquerade as another user. See also “Session Credential”, “Session ID”, “Session Hi-Jacking”
Session ReplayWhen a web site permits an attacker to reuse old session credentials or session ID’s for authorization. See also “Session ID”, “Session Credential”, “Insufficient Session Expiration”
Session TamperingSee “Session Manipulation”
SetAn unordered group of elements, all of the same scalar type
SF, SFGSurefall Glade, an area near the Qeynos Hills, home to Rangers and Druids
SFWSafe For Work.
SGSand Giants from the Desert of Ro.
ShadeSpirit of a dead human
Shard"An erroneous term referring to a server, used by those players who have played UO for too long. If anyone says this word, look at them funny. "
shepherdsugar daddy. (v.) The act of being a shepherd.
SHHBe quiet
ship"One of ships that travel between continents. Ships are not controllable by players, and are often the only way to reach certain zones. cf. boat. "
Ship shapeready for sailing, with equipment and materials secured (clean, neat, in good condition)
ShowstopperA function, object, or issue important enough to jeopardize a ship date or schedule in order to correct or include. In other words, a really big bug.
SISee Sister Island
Sim-shippingTo ship a product’s PC and Mac versions at the same time.
SimpleA tea
Simple TypeA type that contains only a single value
SINBADStands for Single Income, No Boyfriend And Desperate
Sister Island, Sister IsleThe island in the Ocean of Tears which is populated primarily by the Sisters of Erollisi.
SITCOMsSingle Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids.
SITDStill In The Dark
SK1. ShadowKnight. A hybrid Warrior/Necromancer class. (Ed. Note: I still say they're evil Paladins!) 2. South Karana. An area in western Antonica.
skelAny skeleton.
Skillseta set of skills possessed by a "human resource."
Skillz(Also Mad Skillz) When someone can play very well.
SkinThe look of your character. The "skin" that goes on your player model.
skinny"Any Elf, but especially High Elves. "
Skylarkingsliding down rigging for fun (engaging in playful antics)
Slangvocabulary of terms (at least initially) employed in a specific subculture is slang. Slang terms, either invented words or those whose meanings are adapted to new senses, develop out of a subculture’s desire to disguise — or exclude others from — their conversations. As US society becomes more youth oriented and more homogenous, slang becomes more widespread in usage, and subcultures continually invent new slang as older terms are appropriated by the mainstream population.
SLANGBasically 90% of the words you use online are slang
SlashWord for the "/" character
slickshoesSee speedyfeet.
SlippingFailing to hit a deadline.
SLR, SLS, SLWSkin like Rock/Steel/Wood. Druidic spell protection spells.
slum looting, slummingThe practice of looting left over corpses that other players have not looted. Can also refer to looting a corpse after a group or person has won a battle and they are either discussing the loot or the some other matter and the corpse looting rights time out.
SLW, SLTWSwift Like the Wind. Enchanter spell that enhances attack speed.
smack"(1.) To insult someone. e.g. ""Did you hear Kykurass smacking Makeme?"" (2.) To taunt an NPC. e.g. ""Hey - lay some smack on the mummy - he's tearing me up!"" (3.) To attack a target, especially with a spell, or massive attack. e.g. ""You smack the orc on the left, I'll get the caster."" "
smelling the rosesWandering around without a goal in mind. Can also refer to scouting.
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SmirtingFlirting between tobacco addicts forced outside by the public smoking ban
SMOOCHKiss, sloppy kiss
SMOTSee Me On This
SMSSuck me sideways
SMTPSimple Mail Transport Protocol
SmurfWhen good players change their name to make themselves look like a newbie and then pound on the other unsuspecting players. 2. Any Drow Elf or other blue skinned race.
SNAFUSituation Normal All Fouled Up
snail"To cast a movement-slowing or stopping spell on a monster, then slowly lead it on while killing it with DOT spells. cf. DOT. "
snakeSee killsteal.
SOSignificant Other
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SoB - Spirit of Beara Druid or Shaman spell.
SoC - Spirit of the Cheetah"A Druid spell, faster than Spirit of Wolf, but castable on self-only, and only for a brief period of time. "
SOLOut of Luck
Sol A, SolA"Shortened name for the ""Solusek's Eye"" dungeon. The name comes from the original name of the zone, Solusek A. The dungeon was renamed to Solusek's Eye about 2 months after commercial release. "
Sol B, SolB"Shortened name for the ""Nagafen's Lair"" dungeon. The name comes from the original name of the zone, Solusek B. The dungeon was renamed to Nagafen's Lair about 2 months after commercial release. "
solo"To go one-on-one against an NPC. e.g. ""Dude - I was soloing cents at 6th!"" "
song boyAny Bard.
SOPServer Operator
SORGSmall Organization
SoSU"Shield of the Slain Unicorn. Warrior-only piercing weapon that adds some AC. Despite the name and appearance, it is NOT a shield (you cannot ""Bash"" with it.) "
Source CodeThe input to a compiler
South BridgeSee Stone Bridge.
SoW - Spirit of Wolfa Druid or Shaman spell that enhances movement speed.
SPSupport Professional
spam"To send the same text over and over again. Normally considered rude, in EQ it is used to teach language skills. "
SpankTo steal. In Death Match, a severe dominance of one player over another, or a good frag
spawn"To reappear after being killed. When an NPC has a specific location that it spawns at, that is said to be it's ""spawning point"". cf. respawn. "
spawn hog"A camper who refuses to share the site with others, usually resorting to kill-stealing. e.g. ""What a spawn hog! He keeps nuking all our kills!"" "
SpecUsed as both noun and verb: as verb, to analyze a field of information or database prior to the commencement of a project; as noun, the analysis of that information. Spectre or spook.
speed dial"The /friend list. e.g. ""Thanks for all the help. I'm putting you on speed dial so we can hook up later!"" "
speedyfeet"1- (n.) Refers to being affected by certain movement-enhancing spells and songs (such as Spirit of the Wolf and Selo's Accelerando). e.g. ""We need speedyfeet if we want to make it to Erudin in good time."" cf. fast boots, feet, slickshoes. "
spellslinger"Any of the four ""pure"" magic using classes: Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer or Wizard. "
SPEWSick to ones stomach
spin"To cast the Enchanter spell Whirl 'til you Hurl on an NPC. ie ""We can take LJ, but we need to spin him."" "
spook"Spectre. cf. spec. eg. ""Spook incoming!"" (v.) To cast ""Spook the Dead"", a Cleric or Necromancer undead-only fear spell. "
SQLStructured Query Language
SQL InjectionAn attack technique used to exploit web sites by altering backend SQL statements through manipulating application input. See also “Parameter Tampering”, “Form Field Manipulation”
SRoThe Desert of South Ro.
SSScreen shot, Split Screen
SSI InjectionA server-side exploit technique that allows an attacker to send code into a web application, which will be executed by the web server. See also "Meta-Character Injection", “Parameter Tampering”, “Form Field Manipulation”.
SSoMShort Sword of Morin.
SSOY"Short Sword of the Ykesha. Special short sword that casts a nice damage spell. Found in Lower Guk. cf. yak, YK 2. "
StackA data structure in which the last element stored is the first to be removed
Stack OverflowAn error condition that occurs when the amount of space allocated to the computer's stack is used up
Stack SegmentThe segment in memory allocated as the program's stack
STARTER MARRIAGEA short-lived first marriage that ends in divorce with no kids, no property and no regrets.
StatementThe simplest unit in a program
Static VariableA variable with a lifetime that exists the entire length of the program
station"[from 'train station'] Any area with too many people and too many loose creatures or trains e.g. ""Cazic can get crazy, but BB is a station!"" "
stats"Statistics of items as discovered by right clicking on it in an inventory screen, or a players own statistics, such as strength and hit points. e.g. ""What's the stats on the Combine LS?"" "
status"Often used by groups to determine the readiness of their party. e.g. ""Uh oh - DWC inbound. Status?"" cf. MR. "
STBSILSoon to be sister in law
stealth looterSee ninja looter.
Stone Bridge"Bridge between North and South Karana. So called because it appears to be made of white stone. cf. South Bridge, White Bridge. "
stone downUsing a manastone to gain mana (while losing health). cf. stoned.
stonedVery low on health from overusing a manastone. cf. stone down.
strafe"(1.) Moving left and right while attacking, a Quake tactic. (2.) One of the side-effects of alcohol, causing one to stagger. e.g. ""Dude, are you drunk? You're strafing!"" "
StraightTo emphasize or exclamate (eg. "That shorty is Straight ill").
STRESS PUPPYA person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny.
StringA sequence of characters that can be treated as a single unit
STROGEnemies, bad dudes in Quake
Structured TypeOne of the predefined types (array, set, record, file or string) that are composed of structured data elements
stunty"Any little person, but especially Dwarves. "
Sub-optimalsubstandard or less-than-desirable
SubprogramA procedure or function within a program; a subroutine
SubrangeA continuous range of any scalar type
SubscriptAn identifer used to access a particular element of an array
sugar daddy/momma"Someone who twinks lower level characters, particularly if they have one special ""favored child."" cf. baby, babysit, diapers, twink. "
sun huggerAny player of a Good-aligned race (especially to an Evil-aligned player).
SWIPEOUTThe moment your debit card is swiped at a till and you find you’ve run out of cash. Also used to describe the magnetic strip on a card becoming worn out through overuse
SYLSee You Later
SymbolAny of Symbol of Transal/Ryltan/Pinzam/Naltron series of HP cleric buff spells. (v.) To buff with a Symbol spell.
Syntax ErrorAn error caused by violating the rules of a programming language
SYR"This is usually uttered when one member of the party is willing to ""take the fall"" as it were, and hold off a terribly tough monster to allow the rest of the party to escape safely. "
SYSOPSystem operator
T&PTube and Preview
TagA writer's signature with marker or spray paint.
Taggin upWriting signature with marker or spray paint.
Take another tackchange the ship’s direction in relation to the wind (try another approach)
Take InventoryAs in "take inventory of the situation." As implied, to assess or analyze.
Take the wind out of one’s sailsa reference to the loss of movement when another vessel comes between the wind and one’s ship (to undermine another, usually by anticipating an action)
Take-awayimpressions gleaned from a meeting or message.
Taken abackhalted by a sudden shift of wind (surprised by a revelation)
taking the busTo be teleported somewhere by someone else. Usually for a fee.
TalismanConsecrated power object
TAMTechnical Account Manager
tank"Any character whose role is to take and deal damage in melee combat. Especially refers to the warrior classes, but can also refer to pets or spellcasters who found themselves unwittingly ""tanking."" (v.) (esp. ""tanking"") To perform as a tank. e.g. ""I was tanking for a group of mages in North Ro, until Habib stepped on me."" "
TANSTAAFLThere Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Taxonomy Of Optionsrange of choices
TCTotal Conversion. This is a mod that has gone full bore. It not only changes the game play, but every aspect of the look to make it look and feel like a completely different game.
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TDTormented Dead
Team DMDeath Match with teams. Another game style.
Team KillerSomeone that kills players that are on his own team on purpose. Who can understand these poor tormented souls? Can usually only be done when team damage is enabled.
TelefragKilling someone by respawning (teleporting) right where they are.
tell"Something said as a private message, or the speaking mode reserved for such messages. e.g. ""I wuv you too, honeytummy"" (pause) ""Oops - that should have been a tell."" "
TerminalAn I/O device for communicating between a human being and a computer
Tertiary RelationshipA relationship which may include emotional support or sexuality on a one-time or highly erratic schedule, attention or energy is given in bursts but the relationship is not a consistent part of a persons life.
TexturesThe graphics used to create the 3D world. The look of the world.
TFAThanks for asking
TGIFThank God Its Friday
The Bitch"Holly Windstalker, an NPC in the Qeynos Hills, who will aggressively attack anyone engaging an animal (even if the animal attacked first)."
The CottageLarge cottage in the Qeynos Hills.
The CraftWitchcraft
The CrossroadsA fork in the path in Butcherblock Mountains that connects Greater Faydark, Kaladim and Dagnor's Cauldron. Protected by 3 guards, it is a hunting ground for low to mid-level characters. "
The DoorSpecifically, a door in Befallen, known for randomly closing and locking the computer
The Platform/The PlatA small platform that has a good view of the surrounding desert. A popular hunting spot for Spiders, Scarabs, Puma's, Rattlesnakes, Orcs and the occasional Madman and Mummys. Northern Desert of Ro
The PorchA guard station in the Toxxulia forest. Entrance to Erudin.
the Sisters1. the Nybright sisters in Lesser Faydark. Tough yet non-aggressive brigands. 2. The Sisters of Erollisi. A group of all-female warrior-types located on an island in the Ocean of Tears.
THEM OUTEnemy is OUTnumbered.
THLThe Honorable Lord, or The Honorable Lady
thornsAny of the Druidic Thorn/Bramble/Thistle spells. e.g. "This is gonna hurt - hit me with some thorns, wouldya?"
thrallA mule character designed expressly for exploring dangerous new territory, or far-off lands. cf. mule.
ThreadA topic started by one member to which anyone can reply.
Three sheets to the winda reference to the sheets (ropes) of a sail becoming loosened, rendering the sail useless (drunk)
Three-Year PlanA projective near-future business plan.
Throw-upA name painted quickly with one layer of spray paint and an outline.
THX, tnxThanks
TIAThanks in advance
TICTongue In Cheek
TIDThis is dumb
TISNFThat Is So Not Fair
TLTech Lead; Translocator / translocate - UT teleport device; Aqua Goblin Tidal Lord
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TMTeam Manager
TMFIToo Much Info
TMMFIYou see where this is going
TNX 1.0E6Thanks a million
toelingAny Halfling - especially one that would taste good in a nice hot sauce.
tombstoneAny mob that cons as red - especially those guaranteed to kill you.
TOOLFool, or Loser (Not to be confused with the band with the same name).
toonAny Player Character
Top-to-bottomA piece which extends from the top of the car to the bottom.
TOTTotally Off Topic
TOUTerms of Use
Touch SkinA meeting arranged to counter the austerity of communicating in cyberspace.
towSee drag
ToxxThe Toxxulia Forest, found on the continent of Odus, near Erudin. Also just Tox
TRTech Router
TracingManually stepping through each statement in a program in order to understand the program's behavior
Tractionprogress, movement, or getting ahead
trainAny group of monsters playing "follow the leader" after a single person or group of persons. People noted for causing numerous trains are often titled ""engineers."" Being killed by someone else's train is ""trained"" or ""run over"". Stopping someone else's train is "derailing"
Transfer FunctionA function that converts the value of one type to a value of another type
Transport Layer Security(Acronym – TLS) The more secure successor to SSL. The TLS protocol provides communications privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows client/server applications to communicate in a way that is designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. TLS is based on the SSL protocol, but the two systems are not interoperable. See also “Secure Sockets Layer”
trashSee lawn trash
TreeThe giant tree in South Karana where several Aviaks live; A dynamic data structure in which a node (branch of a tree) may point to one or more other nodes
Tree City, Tree TownKelethin, the home to the Wood Elves, located in Greater Faydark. cf. Ewok Village
tree huggerEither a Ranger or Druid. Also, Wood Elves in general
Triad1-any three person lovestyle. 2-three people involved in some way; most often used in a committed sense; in some cases involving ceremonies of commitment.
TriageThe process of deciding which bugs to fix and which to ignore in order to meet a ship date, or which elements in a project to retain and which to eliminate.
TribeA social group that has a strong sense of identity and may have a family arrangement as its core.
Trim one’s sails (before the wind)adjust sails as appropriate (act according to circumstances)
TrulineOne-sentence summary of a project’s projected appeal or purpose.
TSROriginally Tactical Studies Rules. In ancient times, Terminate and Stay Resident (for memory resident utilities)
TTFNTa Ta For Now
TTTTTo Tell The Truth
TTYLTalk to you later
tunaTalisman Of Altuna. Shaman spell.
Tunnel"The tunnel which connects the Northern Ro desert and Eastern Commonlands. The Commonlands entrance is a popular resting/congregating site for people hunting in that area. e.g. ""Casting SOW for donations at tunnel!"" Also frequently the site of Trade Bazaars, since it is relatively safe for both evil and good races. "
twinkTo equip a lower-level character with good equipment, thus providing him/her with an unfair advantage over others of his/her level, or to assist a low-level character in gaining experience much more rapidly than they would normally on their own by rooting or healing for them.
twistThe act of singing multiple Bard songs at a time. By stopping one song, and starting another before the effects wear off, a Bard can keep two or even three songs running simultaneously. This is not a bug, and the game has been balanced with this effect in min
TYThank you
TYLTalk to You Later
Type CoercionTechnique also known as typecasting in which one variable is forced to be read as another type
Type ConversionThe reformulation of a value in another form, for example, the conversion of integer values to real
Type DefinitionThe specification of a non-predefined type.
Typed ConstantA variable with a value that is defined at compile time but can be modified at runtime
TYPOTyping error
U1, U2Unreal - The predecessor game of UT, or Unreal 2. These are played offline
UDDIUniversal Description Discovery Integration
UIUser Interface
Underlying TypeThe scalar type corresponding to a particular subrange
UninstalledFired, canned, dismissed.
UnitA program module which makes it possible to do separate compilation. A unit can contain code, data, type and/or constant declarations. A unit can use other units, and is broken into interface (public) and implementation (private) sections
Universal Resource Locator(Acronym – URL) A standard way of specifying the location of an object, normally a web page, on the Internet. See also “Parameter Tampering”
Untyped ParameterA formal parameter that allows the actual parameter to be of any type
Unvalidated InputWhen a web application does not properly sanity-check user-supplied data input
UO - Ultima OnlineAnother massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Often cited for excessive pkillers and powergamers.
UpDescribes a writer whose work appears all over the city.
Upsellingselling more or higher-grade products through their introduction on a more basic, lower-level product.
URIUniform Resource Identifierd
URL ManipulationAltering or modification of a web applications parameter name and value pairs. Also known as “Parameter Tampering”
US OUTWe're OUTnumbered.
USBUniversal Serial Bus
User-Agent ManipulationA technique used to bypass web site browser requirement restrictions by altering the value sent within an HTTP User-Agent header. See also “Cookie Manipulation”
UsersUsers is a synonym for audience or consumers—you track the number of users who visit your website or use your product
UT, UT2003, UT2004Unreal Tournament - A 3d computer game, played on or offline. UT2003 and UT2004 are different releases of the game
ValeRivervale, the city of the Halflings, located in the center of Antonica
Value ParameterA procedure or function parameter that is passed bt value; that is, the value of the parameter is passed and cannot be changed
VanillaProgrammer's lingo for standard or basic
VAPValue Added Partner
VaporwareSoftware that was conceived (and probably promoted and advertised) but never came to fruition;
Variable DeclarationA declaration that consists of the variable and its associated type
Variable ParameterA procedure or function parameter that is passed by reference; that is, the address of the parameter is passed so that the value of the parameter can be accessed and modified
Variant RecordA record in which some of the fields share the same area in memory
VBGVery Big Grin
VCVenture Capitalist
VenduiHello (From AD&D novels' Drow language)
Verbose MessagesDetailed pieces of information revealed by a web site, which could aid an attacker in exploiting the system
VernacularA vernacular is a native language or dialect, as opposed to another tongue also in use, such as Spanish, French, or Italian and their dialects as compared to their mother language, Latin.
VestingMarking time until your stock options vest and you can exit the company or retire.
Visual VerificationVisual oriented method of anti-automation that prevents automated programs from exercising web site functionality by determining if there is presence of mind. See also “Anti-Automation”
VSEAVisual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect
VULCAN NERVE PINCHThe taxing hand position required to reach all the appropriate keys for certain commands. For instance, the reboot for Mac II computers involves simultaneously pressing the Control Key, the Command Key, the Return Key, and the Power On key. For Windows it's Ctrl, Alt, Delete simultaneously.
vulch[from 'vulture'] See killsteal
WakSubstandard or incorrect (derived from "out of whack").
walkerAn NPC returning to it's spawn point after losing track of it's target. cf. backwash
wandererAny NPC that wanders around in an area, rather than sitting in one place
WAREZPirate software
warpA bug that causes an NPC to be 'relocated' while moving. This is different from ghosting in that it is repeatable and verifiable, and not related to lag
warrior gateDying
waterboyDesert Madman
WBWelcome Back
WEWood Elf
Weak Password Recovery ValidationWhen a web site permits an attacker to illegally obtain, change or recover another user’s password. See also “Password Recovery System”.
Weasel TextA message explaining why a heretofore-popular feature or option has been discontinued.
Weasel UserA computer nerd who has generally ludicrous technical complaints.
Web ApplicationA software application, executed by a web server, which responds to dynamic web page requests over HTTP. See also “Web Server”, “Web Application”, “Web Service”
Web Application FirewallAn intermediary device, sitting between a web-client and a web server, analyzing OSI Layer-7 messages for violations in the programmed security policy. A web application firewall is used as a security device protecting the web server from attack. See also “Web Application Security”, “Web Server”.
Web Application ScannerSee “Web Application Vulnerability Scanner”
Web Application SecurityScience of information security relating to the World Wide Web, HTTP and web application software. Also known as “Web Security”
Web Application Vulnerability ScannerAn automated security program that searches for software vulnerabilities within web applications. See also “Web Application Security”
Web BrowserA program used to display HyperText markup language (HTML) web pages sent by a web server. See also “ActiveX controls”, “Cookie”, “Java Applets”, “JavaScript”, “Client-Side Scripting”
Web SecuritySee “Web Application Security”.
Web Security AssessmentA process of performing a security review of a web application by searching for design flaws, vulnerabilities and inherent weaknesses. See also “Web Application Security”
Web Security ScannerSee “Web Application Vulnerability Scanner”
Web ServerA general-purpose software application that handles and responds to HTTP requests. A web server may utilize a web application for dynamic web page content. See also “Web Application”, “Application Server”, “HyperText Transfer Protocol”
Web ServiceA software application that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) formatted messages to communicate over HTTP. Typically, software applications interact with web services rather than normal users. See also “Web Server”, “Web Application”, “Application Server”, “HyperText Transfer Protocol”
wedgie[from the effect message generated by the spell: ""XXX feels uncomfortable.""] Any spell that lowers Magic Resistance. e.g. ""Pallin begins to cast a spell."" ""A hill giant feels uncomfortable!"" ""Woo! Pallin gave the giant a wedgie!"" [For you non-Americans reading this, a ""wedgie"" is American slang for the act of grabbing the back of someone's undershorts and giving them a sharp tug upwards.] "
weet![Obscure MUD term, referring to the sound a whistle makes - easily typed with one hand] Run!
welfaredescribing any creature that is dropping less loot than usual. eg. ""What's with all these welfare giants?! 2 copper?!?"" cf. loot, ghetto.
WhackWord for the "\" character
When one’s ship comes ina reference to the arrival of a fully laden cargo ship that will bring profit to the owner or investors (achievement of fortune or good luck)
Whistle for it/whistle for the windfrom the tradition of superstitiously whistling to summon the wind (hope for the impossible)
White BridgeSee Stone Bridge.
WildstyleA complicated construction of interlocking letters.
Window-downA piece done below the windows.
wispAlso, willowisp. Tiny glowing force, invulnerable to normal weapons, noted for carrying lesser, greater and burned-out lightstones. Found all across Norrath.
Wisp IsleAn Isle in Erud's Crossing, populated by Kerrans, but named for the vast spawns of wisps for it's size.
Witchone who worships Pagan dieties
Witchcrafta magical Neo-Pagan religion with many diverse traditions derived from various cultural sources (though mostly European) around which Covens and solitary practitioners base their practices
WK - West KaranaAn area in the western part of Antonica.
WO / W/OWithout
WOFTAMWaste of time and money
wolfSpirit of Wolf, very common request or offer, "Casting SOW by Nexus Stone"
Wood BridgeSee Chain Bridge
woodieWood Elves, in general.
WOOFStands for Well Off Old Fogey – the sort a gold-digger goes for
WOOFYSWell Off Older PMFJIFolks
WordA location in memory occupying 2 adjacent bytes; the storage required for a variable of type integer. An affirmation
WorkaroundA jury-rigged temporary solution for getting around an apparently immovable and unfixable technical bug. Also adaptable to solutions dealing with apparently immovable and unfixable people.
WotCWizards of the Coast
WOWWorld of Warcraft, 2: Shocked, surprised, Words of wisdom. 3: Well of Worlds
WriterPractitioner of the art of graffiti.
WRTWith Regard To
WRU?Where are you?
WS1. Summon Wisp Spell. e.g. ""Summoning WS for donations at the plat!"" 2. Waterstone. Another Magician-summoned item, this one provides air underwater.
WTB - Want To BuyUsually seen on the auction or market channel.
WTFWhat the... In online games, often a byproduct of severe net lag. An exclamation often followed by either complaints about lag, or cheating
WTGWay to go!
WTGSWay to go son
WTHWhat the hell
WTSWant to Sell
WTTWant to Trade
WTTGWelcome to the Group
wwwWait! Wait! Wait! Or World Wide Web (same definition?)
WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
WYSTHT?Whys that?
X!Typical woman
XEROX SUBSIDYEuphemism for swiping free photocopies from one's workplace.
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XPATHExpression Language
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSLTESL Transformations
Y!Typical man
YEWYuck, yucky, dislike for something, you
YIPPEEExpression of enjoyment
YIPPEE YAHOOThe two combined, extreme expression of enjoyment
YK1. Young Kodiak. Aggressive, tough bears found in Misty Thicket, and the Eastern and Western Commonlands. Very dangerous for younger PCs. 2. Short Sword of the Ykesha. See SSOY.
YMFSBYDFMYou Might Fool Some But You Don't Fool Me.
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary
YSYou suck
ZapTo cast a direct damage spell on a target. High-powered zaps are called nukes. cf. nuke, zot. 2. Enchanter term for enchanting bars of precious metal. e.g. ""I'd love to go to Najena tonite, but I need to finish zapping my guild's electrums.
ZarchoomiA fairly tough female Ogre Shaman NPC found in Butcherblock.
Zero Bug Release (ZBR)a release with the major bugs eliminated
zoneAny area in EverQuest, indicated by the name of the area. For example, Greater Faydark, Ocean of Tears, and North Freeport are all different zones. Zones are separated by magical, invisible borders that mobs cannot cross, thus a common tactic to avoid too-powerful mobs is to run to the zone border. This generally causes trains, and is NOT a recommended tactic. (v.) To cross a border, esp. when trying to avoid dying. (excl.) Usually used in groups. Leave this zone immediately, something perilous is incoming! e.g. ""Zone! DVinn's on my tail!"" "
zotTo cast a direct damage spell on a target. High-powered zots are called nukes. cf. nuke, zap.
ZoundsArchaic: "Gods Wounds", said if you've just discovered something of importance "By zounds I've got it!"
ZZzzZZSleeping, tired, usually when there are 2 people left in a game of CS and they both decide to camp it out

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