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Health Care

* Many experts predicted that health care policy would be a key to the 2004 presidential race. Coping with the problem of 44 million uninsured Americans was supposed to be a major issue, but it hasn't been so far.

Health Care is in a shambles as far as I am concerned.

The very idea of insurance is flawed. The only people that win are the insurance companies, who definitely seem to be profiting... Why else would insurance companies be buying banks? Huge profits from the people who pay into them. Guess where that money comes from? Yes. Your pocketbook.

The whole HMO idea is an experiment that has proven to be flawed as well. People who are paying the money are now dictacting what treatment patients will get. And what is the idea about them being able to get better rates and fewer charges than the uninsured? How does THAT work?

Health care costs WAY too much. Too many people are profiting by very large margins here. Between HMOs, Insurance, drug companies, and lawsuits, the common person gets totally screwed on the cost. I am sure we can eliminate a lot of the costs in this field. As an individual, the idea that I have to pay more than someone who is in a big HMO is very irritating.

Fewer and fewer people can afford to be insured, and no one can afford to get sick. The whole system reeks of corruption, and needs to be redone from the ground up.

Cut the costs. One simple option might be to make it illegal to come to work or go to school when you are sick. Less sick people means fewer dollars wasted to a bloated family of industries.

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