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Traffic Laws

So, here I am driving along the freeway, at my customary 'roll rate', when a police car comes moving quickly up.

As usual, many people drive like idiots, and slow WAY down below the posted speed limit. 'Rush Hour' traffic is bad enough without people driving like they are in total fear of the law. I mean, come on, if you are not doing anything illegal, why not just drive normally and safely? And if you ARE doing something illegal, why not just drive normally and safely? Sheesh!

But that is not my rant of the moment.

We moved over, as seems to be customary, and the police cruiser proceeded to rapidly increase speed... A quick glance in the back showed some hapless individual being taken to some unknown destination, presumably being taken to lockup for some sort of crime. His face in the window dwindled rapidly, as the police car sped away.

I look down at my speedometer.

I look up at the police car.

Tilt my head sideways and do some guesstimation… 90? 95? Maybe even 100?

I know police vehicles are exempt from traffic laws. I also understand that police themselves are somewhat exempt from traffic laws, or at least that is the rumor.


I mean, what makes them a special class of driver that can speed at will?

Superior training? I have been driving 20 odd years, I think that I am at least as qualified.

Superior reflexes? I am a veteran of online first-person shooters, I would stack my reflexes up against anyone and expect to come out ahead 9 times out of 10.

Those speed limits are put in place for a variety of reasons, some to do with safety, others to do with politics.

What good is a law that only applies to some people and not to others?

If a police officer is not actively engaged in special duty that requires him to violate traffic laws, in my opinion, he needs to slow the heck down and stay back with us law abiding citizens.

What do you think?

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