Michael Schaefer
I write computer programs for desktops and servers, I administer SQL databases, and I create web pages. I can also build computers, and set up office networks.

I solve problems.

Primary Skills Experience Summary
Skill Experience
>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

Server Administration
>15 years

>15 years

>15 years

Visual Basic
>15 years

Visual Studio
>15 years

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming (CEB SHL Assessment Test)

Score: 3.79 (94% relative to other candidates)
Proficiency Level: Advanced (3.51 - 4.50)
The candidate has mastered the basic concepts of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming (SQL Queries, Architecture, Database Design) and intermediate concepts (Transact-SQL, Data Modification, Triggers, Tools). The candidate is likely proficient with more advanced concepts such as:
Performance and Optimization
Beyond Relational
User-Defined Functions
At the Advanced level, the candidate will be capable of working on projects involving Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming and will be capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

Contact Information
Email: misthost@gmail.com or mbs@mistrealm.com
Employment & Accomplishments
Edgewell Personal CareAugust 2014 - May 2024 (9 years, 9 months)
SQL DBA, VB.NET applications developer
Progressive Design Specialists (PDS)  March 2001 to October 2015 (14 years, 7 months)
SQL DBA, Web Programmer, Server Administrator
Progressive Design Specialists (PDS) provides hosting and custom web development for a variety of business and real-estate customers. Here, I
* Developed C++/CLI asp.net services to rapidly import real estate data from a SFTP server into Microsoft SQL tables.
* Using Microsoft SQL, Classic ASP, DHTML, HTML, CSS and Javascript, I created several Content Management Systems (CMS). These projects support business and real estate customers, allowing customers to control calendars, contact information, Google identity, image, text, and video galleries.
* Real Estate customers were provided with a search interface, open house, and home page listings to allow their customers to navigate real estate listings.
* Used Microsoft SQL to convert and clean data from a complex Microsoft Access database. Used Classic ASP, HTML, CSS and Javascript to create interfaces for customers that desired online legal research capabilities. I created an automated signup and email support systems.
Happy Taxes (Linda High)January 2009, January 2011, January 2013,
January 2014, August 2014, October-November 2014
Computer Tech, Office Support
Office Tech Support Built computers, ordered hardware, set up office networking, fixed printers, upgraded systems from Windows XP to Windows 7.
LentixAugust 2011 to July 2012 (one year)
C and C++/CLI Software Engineer
Image Processing. Worked with digital cameras and coded high speed multi-threaded programs to rapidly capture and process bracketed images to create high dynamic range images (HDR/HDRI). Used C, C++, C++/CLI, IJW interop, multi-threading, Epix Xcap, XClib and Pxipl, Basler Pylon, and Camera Link libraries. Also used various third party applications for processing, including Luminance, Photomatix, Picturenaut, SNS-HDR, and others. Captured significant statistical data and assisted in producing deliverable reports.
Digital Crossing NetworksJanuary 2001 and January 2011
Web Programmer, Excel and SQL DBA
Access Point Logging. Developed a system using ASP, IIS and SQL intended to capture and record security point of access information. The data is stored in SQL2008, and the system creates various export files in Excel compatible XML format, broken down monthly, and by customer.
Customer Charge Tracking. Designed and implemented a customer data entry system using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and Access 2000. In addition to basic customer data, this web-based system allowed attachment of an unlimited number of circuits, changes, charges, contacts, cross-connections, racks and sales agents. System also provided various month-end reporting of charge data to support the billing system.
Microsoft Bug Resolution. Isolated a heap corruption bug in ASP/ADO during development. Developed a workaround that allows stable web development. Microsoft eventually developed a patch to resolve this issue.
eDestinationsMarch 2007 and February 2010
Computer Tech, Office Support
Office Tech Support Ordered hardware, built a server, set up backups, fixed various dead computers, installed new computers, installed software, resolved occasional internet and networking problems.
Left Hand venturesJanuary 2007 to August 2009 (2 years, 9 months)
Computer Tech, Office Support
Office Tech Support Documented router settings, Exchange SBS troubleshooting, Fixed batteries on UPS systems, Fixed monitors, Installed Network Attached Storage, Ordered and installed computer hardware, Quickbooks problem research and resolution, Resolved internet outage, Set up and trained owner on directory and user security, VPN administration; updates; router setup, Wireless router setup,
TN MarketingMarch 2009
PDF download issues Resolved serious bandwidth issues with large .PDF files the company was supplying for customers. We resolved the problem in a way that offloaded the bandwidth to a third party, while maintaining a high level of download tracking, and low cost.
KCPNovember to December 2008 (2 months)
Web Programmer, Access DBA
KCP Tracking System. Implemented a system that provided a web interface to Access data files, allowing searches of that data by address or by name, and allowing notes and other data to be captured.
Internet REIT (IREIT)April 2006 to January 2008 (1 year, 10 months)
C++ and C# Developer, DNS Manager, SQL DBA
Abacus Pixel Counter Manage single-pixel hit-count server, manage and back up various files in text and in SQL formats.
Backups Set up, Automated, and managed backups using attached USB drives as storage. Handled off-site backup rotation on a scheduled basis.
DNS Management Managed DNS updates for over 100,000 sites, monitored various DNS servers.
Domain Pinger Developed a tool using C#.NET that took a list of domains and confirmed that they responded from the expected server(s).
Network Administration Handled Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks, hardening servers, troubleshooting network slowdowns, resolving VPN issues, network diagramming.
Page Timer Developed a service using C++.NET that would proactively monitor web servers for slowdowns by regularly opening critical web pages, measuring the response time, triggering alerts in critical conditions, and storing the results for response time trend reports.
Postmaster Managed a Microsoft Exchange Server, exported mail to another Exchange server, helped migrate email users to Gmail, handled various mail related issues.
Senior Programmer Interviewed a new programmer, provided code and design mentoring and suggestions to programming team.
Server Administration Monitored servers, prevented and repaired damage caused by hackers.
SQL DBA Provided advice on queries and query syntax, Daily file processing, top 50 searches report, IIS log file processing.
Weekly Meetings The programming teams would get together for a weekly conference call. I maintained the agenda, and generally managed the call.
Compatible TechnologiesJuly 2006 to September 2007 (1 year, 3 months)
DNS Manager, C# programmer
DNS. Managed and maintained DNS data for over 100,000 domains.
Vortex DNS Server. CSharp: Developed a high-capacity, high-performance DNS server to respond rapidly to DNS requests.
STLLLCDecember 2006 to March 2007 (4 months)
DNS Manager, C++ programmer, Web Programmer, SQL DBA
DNS Administrator Performed DNS administration for over 100,000 domains.
ARChecker Developed a tool in C++.NET to scan a list of domain names, and extract historic versions of the domain from Internet Archive, and save these samples as images for review.
Keyword Harvesting Coded program to assist domain name specialists in determining domain names to test for traffic value.
Web access to SQL table Provided a web interface that gave search and edit access to domain information.
NetsterNovember 2002 to April 2006 (3 years, 6 months)
Database Analyst, Senior Systems Analyst
Abacus Pixel Counter. Designed and implemented a "single pixel .gif" tracking system that used .NET framework technology on the front end to capture data, and a C++ .NET Windows Service on the back end to import data into SQL. This system created hourly, daily, and monthly reports while it handled 10,000,000+ transactions per day with no bottlenecks.
APInfo News Import Tool. Designed and implemented a C++ .NET Windows Service that imports XML NITF (News Industry Text Format) articles into SQL. This database provided support for current news articles on the website.
Database Administrator and Analyst. Resolved database problems, provided regular backups of data, implemented informative web interfaces, and advised staff on intermediate and advanced SQL query questions.
DNS. Updated company's DNS servers as needed, and was responsible for troubleshooting DNS resolution problems. The company maintained over 100,000 domains.
DominLU/Pinger. Took over and extensively revised a Visual Basic program designed to validate over 500,000 domains.
Eping/PagePing. Designed and implemented a set of utilities to monitor web page and email performance. Used these tools in conjunction with IPSentry to watch over a number of servers located in different data centers in the USA and in Canada.
Mentoring. Provided suggestions, education and coding advice as required in all aspects of development.
Server Administration. Maintained and helped build customer's local Data Center, resolved SBS Exchange Server issues, installed and hardened a number of systems for internet service, and detected and eliminated large-scale denial-of-service attacks.
Web Programmer
Recloser Tracking System. Designed and implemented a set of forms and reports to allow data entry of Reclosers, Locations, and Test Records while keeping the look and feel of the company's existing web pages.
EduTraxApril 2002 to May 2002 (2 months)
Access Programmer
Import Process. Revised a complex, forty-seven-step import process in Microsoft Access, in order to bypass network traffic limitations and decrease processing time significantly.
Web Interface. Initiated the conversion of an existing Microsoft Access application to an intranet web while retaining existing functionality.
UT Excessive Overkill Gaming LeagueSeptember 2001 to May 2002 (9 months)
UnrealScript Game Developer
Excessive Overkill Mod for Unreal Tournament Updated the Excessive Overkill mod for the UTEO gaming league, using the UTScript language on the Unreal Tournament (UT99) platform.
MicrosoftJanuary 2002 to March 2002 (3 months)
DotNET Support Contractor for Volt Services Group
ASP .NET (Dotnet). Received training in ASP .NET by Microsoft staff. Focused on architecture (HTTP Runtime, HTTP Modules, HTTP Handlers, HTTP Context Object), configuration, security, server controls, data binding, custom controls, caching, state services, debugging, and Visual Studio support.
Developer Support. Performed technical troubleshooting and support for Premier and Professional developers with a variety of ASP and ASP .NET issues. Created a variety of working examples using C# and the ASP .NET framework to resolve, "How do I?" questions and demonstrate ASP .NET capabilities for the developer community.
WorldvoiceDecember 2001 and September 2002
Web Developer
City Personals Web. Repaired navigation system of a website that was created using a mixture of technologies. Web pages were also updated with current information.
LabLine Central. Constructed a new web interface using ASP .NET framework technology to facilitate physicians contracted to the LabLine Central voice system.
SQL Consultant. Provided mentoring in database design techniques and tuning tips for Microsoft SQL.
American ConsultingOctober 2001
VB Programmer
Shopping Cart Program. Added third-party graphics and new functionality to a shopping basket / sales catalog application that uses VBScript, VB Com objects, and sockets to communicate with an AS-400 system on the back end.
Custom Internet DesignsApril 2001 to May 2001 (2 months)
Web Developer
Code and Image Upload Feature (various webs). Added capability for various customers to modify and remotely update web pages. Implemented the feature with ASP, ASP Upload object, HTML and VBScript.
Credit Card Interface. Implemented an HTML interface to the Authorize.net credit card processing portal as a demonstration of the technology.
Newsletter Web Interface. Added template-driven HTML support, pixel-tag tracking and click-through counting to an online newsletter generation program. Tracked statistical responses in SQL databases and implemented some basic reporting features with ASP, ASP Upload object, CDONTS, JavaScript, SQL and VBScript.
Vol Heritage Website. Interfaced to the University of Tennessee LDAP authorization object for user authentication. Implemented various revisions and updates with ASP and VBScript.
Med Images, IncDecember 2000 to January 2001 (2 months)
Contractor for Maxim Group, Solution Designer, Access DBA
Concentrators. Participated in the design of a client-driven subscription process where individual workstations dynamically locate the best master controller and replicate current data.
File Layouts. Designed file layouts from functional specifications and developmental meetings. File layout design included support for custom data fields. Created initial tables in Access 2000 for the development team and web pages that dynamically document the current file structures.
File-Checking. Created a high-level overview of a client-driven file-checking process for networked clients.
Replication. Designed and implemented proof-of-concept of an N-way data replication process, where modifications made at any node are replicated throughout the entire system. This design was adopted and became the core of their data handling system.
Duro Communications1999 to 2000 (2 years)
Contractor for Maxim Group, Web Programmer, Access DBA, SQL DBA
DuroForm. Designed, implemented and maintained a complete Internet web-based data entry system that tracked Circuit Entries, Circuit Orders, Co-Location Data, Configuration Changes, Contacts, Customer Data, Escalation Tickets, Facility Requests, Incident Reports, POP Location Data, Purchase Requests, Software Installations, Trouble Tickets, User Data, Vendors, and Work Orders (for Administrative, Engineering, and Facilities). Project included significant interaction with users to determine their needs. System included file attachment capability, emails of status changes, and other features. More
DuroForm Call Center. Implemented system to support the front-line call center, with customer information tracking, trouble ticket handling, and internal escalation capability. Imported and translated over 200 megabytes of individual html pages to load system.
DuroForm DNS. Implemented Ajax DHTML web interface. Imported DNS records into a SQL database.
DuroForm Form Attachment. Implemented capability to attach various forms in the system to each other, allowing users to quickly find related data items. System reflected updates to original forms in cross-linked forms without incurring heavy system load.
DuroForm SMTP Import. Implemented a generic import utility that would allow formatted imports from email files directly into various databases.
Project Leader. Provided training, support and direction for junior programmers. Provided project leadership for several in-house development efforts.
MARKETLINX SOLUTIONS1998 to 1999 (2 years)
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Web Developer, SQL DBA
ASP Objects. Designed and implemented extensive back-end server-side code libraries with object-oriented programming methodologies using JavaScript to access ADO. More
Clean Data. Designed and implemented Web interface to safely mass-update SQL tables using cursors with rollback capabilities.
IDC to ASP. Designed and implemented a code-conversion tool, using Microsoft C to render IDC files into ASP format, allowing the rapid conversion of numerous HTX/IDC files.
Individualized Custom Reports. Implemented dynamic user-tailored reports, saving user preferences in SQL tables.
Third Party Interface. Implemented and supported a third party interface, allowing developers to send queries and to retrieve results in CSV or XML format.
Web Reports. Designed and implemented reports from SQL databases using ASP. Developed code to automatically generate complete reports from a list of fields, allowing the user to sort the data on demand.
Web-Generated Data Entry. Designed and implemented Web interface to generate tables and source code for data-entry screens for real-estate properties.
USERBASE SYSTEMS1996 to 1998 (3 years)
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Network Administrator, C and C++ Developer, UNIX System Administrator
Crypt. Designed and implemented source code encryption/decryption utilities using C on the UNIX platform.
Sockets. Designed and implemented code to interface with remote modems over sockets using C on the UNIX platform.
Sync Files. Designed and implemented C++ cross-platform source code synchronization utility using FTP.
Usilink. Supported and upgraded a legacy communications product written in C on the UNIX platform. Used LEX and YACC to create, revise, and extend a communications scripting language. These changes incorporated a number of new features, several of which adapted from other programming languages, which provided script writers the ability to create advanced automation scripts to simplify troubleshooting and day-to-day maintenance.
Windows NT Communications. Implemented file transfer code using PDQ Communications libraries for transfer of data using Visual Basic on the Windows 95/NT platforms.
Windows NT Services. Designed code-framework to take advantage of Windows NT service features using Microsoft C/C++.
NOVA INFORMATION SYSTEMS1988 to 1996 (8 years)
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Pascal Developer, C++ Developer, DBA
Auto. Designed and implemented a job process control system implemented in Pascal using Paradox databases on the DOS platform to spawn jobs under designated conditions based on time, date, disk space, or other events, saving the company thousands of man hours. More
Conversions. Implemented multiple data conversion programs in Q&A, Clarion, Pascal, Paradox, Borland C++, Dbase, and Microsoft C++ on the DOS and Windows 95 platforms that translated data files from a number of different banking and financial institutions and imported the data into our company databases.
Database Management. Designed, implemented, and maintained the company database systems using Q&A, Clarion, ASCII, Paradox, and Dbase formats in an environment of more than 230 databases.
Fraud Control System. Designed and implemented an advanced heuristics decision system to screen transactional data for merchant fraud. Also implemented an online report-viewing program to display and print fraud and transaction data.
Go. Designed and implemented a command based system that allowed agile navigation of network drives.
NDI (Next Day Inquiry). Designed and implemented search, retrieval, and display system for a very large transactional database. As part of this process, I created a fast sorting algorithm based on patterns in the incoming data, resulting in a very significant performance increase while importing data.
Rebates. Implemented several computer programs to calculate residual payments and rebates for sales representatives and financial institutions, featuring multiple payment levels with complex formulas, a manual payment entry screen, online and printed statements, and a link to our company ACH system. This was implemented using Borland C++, Microsoft C++, and Pascal on the Windows 95 platform.
SafeCopy / SaveMove. Created upgraded versions of copy and move functions that would safely transfer files from place to place with relatively accurate time estimates, proper disk space checking, and name collision detection.
Supervisory Experience. Operated a department of seven employees. Supervised meetings, project management, and problem resolution.