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Subject: INTips: Printing a list of IE Favorites or NS Bookmarks
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 15:39:35 -0400

Printing a list of IE Favorites or NS Bookmarks

In a recent tip, we explained how you can convert your Internet Explorer
Favorites collection into a Netscape Navigator Bookmarks collection. You
can also use this technique to print a list of your Favorites complete
with titles and URLs. To print your Internet Explorer Favorites, export
them to an HTM file using IE 5's Import And Export wizard or the FavTool
utility, as we explained in the previous tip. Then, open the file in
Internet Explorer and select File | Print from the menu bar. In the Print
dialog box, select the Print Table Of Links check box and then click OK.

To print your Netscape Bookmarks list, open Netscape's bookmark.htm file
(usually found in the \Program Files\Netscape\Users\
directory) in Internet Explorer and print it using the same steps outlined
for printing IE Favorites.