What languages do you program?
Apple Basic HTML
ASP.NET Pascal
Assembly LanguagePHP
BAT files SQL
C++ UnrealScript
C++.NET VBScript
Classic ASP Visual Basic
CSharp Yacc

My first exposure to computer programming began with Apple Basic and Assembly Language in school.

In my first major job, Pascal was the language of choice. I learned a lot about DOS BAT file programming. I also picked up C and C++, along with SQL.

In my next job, I worked in a business that used both Windows and UNIX, where the main task was writing portable C. The programs had to run equally well on 5 different flavors of UNIX, as well as run smoothly under Windows NT. While I was there, I had an opportunity to roll my own language when I updated the in-house terminal language using Lex and YACC.

When I moved into web programming at my next job, they used ASP ( not called Classic ASP at that time, that name came later ). We used JScript to code on the server side, and JavaScript on the client side.

Some time after that I also picked up Visual Basic and VBScript.

I played Unreal Tournament for a while, and the group I played with needed mods written and updated, so I learned UnrealScript.

I spent some time working in ASP.NET using both csharp and C++.NET flavors.

I also learned CSS and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) programming skills somewhere along the way.

I have done a few projects in PHP.

I am currently doing C/C++/C++.NET development.

Do you have a project that I might be able to help with? Email me at misthost@gmail.com !

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