Object Oriented Javascript

ASP Objects. Designed and implemented extensive back-end server-side code libraries with object-oriented programming methodologies using JavaScript to access ADO.

Object oriented programming was very popular at this time, with C++ on the upswing.

JScript is not object oriented by nature, but you can use it in a way that takes advantage of many of the same concepts. Specifically, you can create classes, embed data and functions, abstract data, and hide complexity.

We created a powerful server side class library that took data access and made it simple to use in a very object oriented fashion.

Today, I would probably not go to quite this much trouble, as data access in JScript is just not complex enough to warrent the abstraction, but at the time it was quite an accomplishment.

From talking to other people that worked at this company, the code that I contributed to this project remained in production for several years

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