Office 2000

Remove a document from Word's Recent Files list

If you share a computer with other users, you may find the Recent
Files list, located at the bottom of Word's File menu, to be a
frequent betrayer of privacy. By default, this list itemizes the
four most recently opened documents; and, if you click on an item
in the list, Word opens it for you. If you've recently worked on
a private document that you don't want others who use your
computer to know about, you can remove it from the Recent Files
list. To do so, first press [Ctrl][Alt][-]. When you do, the
mouse pointer changes to a minus sign. Now from the menu bar
select File, then click on the item in the Recent Files list
that you want to remove. This action removes the item from the
list, reducing it to three items; however, the next time you open
a new file, it will be added to the list so that the list will
again contain four items.