.html running AspClassic scripting

Fix .html script execution problem:

Often, we have reasons to change the scripting behavior of a file type. At one point this had benefits with search engines, and by disguising your technology from hackers. Those reasons are no longer valid, but people still prefer to see a familiar .html extension in their address bar.

We are creating a handler mapping for the .html file type.

These instructions will show you how to set up .html files to execute AspClassic scripts. Our Windows 2008 RC2 server has been set up to run ClassicASP webs in general, which was a headache to set up, and beyond the scope of this document.

First remote into the server and gGo into the IIS interface

Select your web site

Scroll down through the thumbnails and select Handler Mappings

Add a handler mapping for .html files, point it to the asp.dll, and name it anything that is not already used

We are going to change the request restrictions, click the button, select the Mapping tab, and select File

On the Verbs tab, key in GET,HEAD,POST,TRACE (order is not important)

On the access tab, select Script

At the end of this process, IIS should offer to enable the extension:

The handler mappings may still be greyed out. If so, select Edit Feature Permissions:

And check the [ ]Script checkbox

Next, locate your web.config file in your web source code:

Find the entry for the .html handler, and change the bitness from 64

to 32

Save the config file, and test.

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