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Free Web Providers

There are a number of places on the web where you can put your web site for free. I have tried the following web hosting services, and for hosting straight HTML pages, they are perfectly OK.

Some of these sites have gone pay since I last used them, I made note of that for you. If you have any corrections, feel free to let me know.

AngelfireFast, Pop up ads
BizlandSolid, Business only, Automatic banners. No longer free, starting from $5.95 a month
FreeServersAutomatic banners
HypermartBusiness only, Pop up ads, now starting at $6.95 a month
Internet TrashSlow
TripodPop up ads
Virtual AvenueNow starting from $6.95 a month
Yahoo! GeocitiesNo stores allowed, now starting at $4.95 a month

A brief web search will reveal that there are more free hosting services out there than I have personally tried. Feel free to give any of them a try, but always remember to keep a back up of your pages. Also, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Often a free web provider will require you to serve some ads or other content along with yours.

Feel free to contact me with your experiences, I may even post a few of those here for supplemental information.

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