Tower of Shadows


There are several comfortable chairs are in this room. The only sound that can be heard is the quiet crackle of the fire in the fireplace. Several large windows let in enough light to read by, but not so much as to be blinding.

There is a nearby desk, and on it sits a strange looking contraption. I would love to have a pen that uses crayons as cartridges. There are so many really cool crayon colors, but they very soft, and hard to read as a regular writing implement. My idea is that you insert the crayon, and a heating element melts the crayon, allowing a thin, small bead to be used for writing. Instant access to hundreds of nifty colors.

There a book about an Egyptian Pharaoh on the desk.

There is a table with a chess board set up on it, and two comfortable chairs.


  North to the Music Room  
West to the main hall   East to the library

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