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Dire Winter

Spellcraft Dc319
ComponentsV, S, XP
Casting Time1 minute
Range1,000 ft.
Area1,000-ft. -radius emanation
Duration20 hours
Saving ThrowNone
Spell ResistanceNone
To Develop2,871,000 gp; 58 days; 114,840 XP. Seed: energy (emanate 2d6 cold in 10-ft. radius) (DC 19). Factor: 100 times increase in base area (+400 DC). Mitigating factor: burn 10,000 XP (-100 DC).
DescriptionThe creature or object targeted emanates bitter cold to a radius of 1,000 feet for 20 hours. The emanated cold deals 2d6 points of damage per round against unprotected creatures (the target is susceptible if not magically protected or otherwise resistant to the energy). The intense cold freezes water out of the air, causing constant snowfall and wind. The snow and wind produce a blizzard effect within the area.

Xp Cost10,000 XP.
ReferenceSRD 3.5 EpicSpells

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