Dungeons and Dragons

Players create fantasy characters which they guide through adventures, working together to defeat monsters and other challenges.

What is DnD?

Dungeons and Dragons has been around in one form or another since 1973.

Which is the best version? Fifth Edition. You sound find an answer for yourself, but checking this Reddit post should help.

We are currently playing Fifth Edition rules.
(notso) Magic Item Emporium (reddit, dm, any)
10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead (io9, dm, any)
11 ways to be a better roleplayer (lookrobot, player, any)
23 bad habits of otherwise successful GMs (David L Dostaler, dm, any)
Armor (v5)
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Dice The core of DnD... Cool looking dice
DnD (d20 Pathfinder) rules
DnD (v3.5)
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DPS Math behind the mayhem
Dungeons and Dragons home page
Fine Art of Dungeon Mastering
Five Really Unique Elements To Add To Your Fantasy Planet (gnomestew)
Five Tips for New Dungeon Masters Sly Flourish
Flavor Text
Gaming Schedule
Getting Started and Learning to Play (reddit)
Grodog's Greyhawk Castle Archive Grodog's Version of Greyhawk Castle

How to Scare your Players' Pants Off Enworld
Hypertext d20 srd rules
Lecture Hall
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Monetary System
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Orcish Double Axe
Relationship Mapping (gnomestew)
Role Playing Links
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Weird Fungi of the Underdark
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World and Map generation (reddit)
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