Dungeons and Dragons

Players create fantasy characters which they guide through adventures, working together to defeat monsters and other challenges.

What is DnD?

Dungeons and Dragons has been around in one form or another since 1973.

Which is the best version? Fifth Edition. You sound find an answer for yourself, but checking this Reddit post should help.

We are currently playing Fifth Edition rules.
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Flavor Text
Gaming Schedule
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Grodog's Greyhawk Castle Archive Grodog's Version of Greyhawk Castle

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DungeonRobyn With him in his plate mail and tied up by knots, we took a long rest to recover spell slots. #rhyming #dnd #rpg #DungeonFamily #tabletop
Foolish_Kiwi https://t.co/vRGC241ICL Dank new vidja for ya. Jumped on it before I missed it this go around. :P New #DnD Should be out soon! #KeepOnGoing
papierzeit Perfect world creator (beta) for #RPG systems #DnD and so on -> https://t.co/MEAeCPP7ty https://t.co/DtA7IC6i9h
DierYane Der andre sehr spa√?ige Moment: Sie haben versucht, einen Goblin nach Infos auszuquetschen. Goblin so: "Koh√§renz? Kann man das essen?" #dnd
ChargenBot Ivan - Lvl 7 Half-elf Cleric (STR 17 DEX 9 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 15 CHA 12) Mace, Half-plate, Thieves' Tools, 65 Cp. #dnd
grayle Monthly #homebrew D&D group, twice in a row in a #pub. Nice. #DnD #dndmy #DungeonsAndDragons‚?¶ https://t.co/RwbcfqsHtE
DnDSkillCheck Tolle attempts a DC 5 Wisdom (Insight) check against a towering golem. He rolls a 1. What happens next? #dnd
DungeonRooms #DnD This court has a distinct chlorine smell. A tapestry takes up the middle of the room. A greyish green sideboard is in here.
liqquidfire The Nine Hells #FF #DnD @Loraedor @CameronJJ @NewfGames @TehSarge @ChaoticAnarachy @DmLeviathan @ClokworkChimera https://t.co/1Ts8MZCTCC
DierYane #DnD-Runde gestern. Unser resident artist hat ma wieder ne krasse Skizze der Gruppe gemacht... https://t.co/CXzvc2dC2o

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