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Dispel Magic, Greater

LevelBard 5, Cleric 6, Druid 6, Sorcerer/Wizard 6
ComponentsV, S
Casting Time1 standard action
RangeMedium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
TargetOne spellcaster, creature, or object; or 20-ft. -radius burst
AreaOne spellcaster, creature, or object; or 20-ft. -radius burst
Saving ThrowNone
Spell ResistanceNo
Short DescriptionAs dispel magic, but +20 on check.
DescriptionThis spell functions like dispel magic, except that the maximum caster level on your dispel check is +20 instead of +10.

Additionally, greater dispel magic has a chance to dispel any effect that remove curse can remove, even if dispel magic can't dispel that effect.

ReferenceSRD 3.5 SpellsD-E

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