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LevelBard 2
Casting Time1 standard action
Range60 ft.
AreaCone-shaped burst
Saving ThrowFortitude partial; see text
Spell ResistanceYes
Short DescriptionCone-shaped shriek distracts smart foes, makes concentrating difficult.
DescriptionYou utter shrieks of nonsense and gibberish that thinking creatures find distracting and confusing. The spell affects only creatures with Intelligence scores of 3 or higher. Any such creatures within the spell's area must succeed on Fortitude saves or be stunned for 1 round (if they have Intelligence scores of 20 or higher), dazed for 1 round (if they have Intelligence scores between 10 and 19), or shaken for 1 round (if they have Intelligence scores between 3 and 9). In addition, a creature within the spell's area loses any psionic focus it might have had and takes a -4 penalty on Concentration checks for 1 round. These effects happen whether or not the creature succeeded on its save.

ReferenceSRD 3.5 PsionicSpells

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