Allakhazam Profile
Magelo Profile
Possible Focus Upgrades

Slot Item Cost AC Str Dex Sta Cha Wis Int Agi Resist HP Mana FT Focus Misc Aug
CharmIntricate Wooden Figurine261515272327152390114130 Slipgear's Gem
LegsUltor's Greaves of Faith100631215232075145150 Mark of the Righteous Perfect Sapphire of Insight (mana 12)
PrimaryIlluminated Hammer9512101515202060160190Quickening of Mithaniel (sp haste +30pct L67) Time Lapse (750 pt proc)
WristDakkamor's Bracer of the Divine4514293127271429552101903 Regn 3, Spell Shield 2 Burnished Moonstone
SecondaryHarmony of the Soul8020302030127195195Spiritual Blessing (hate -4%) Harmonic Balance, Dot Shield 2 Immaculate Ruby of Firey Warding (fire +7), Warded Rose Stone (sav +60)
HeadAngler Fang Helmet5611910121252195195 Pristine Pearl of Magical Warding (magic +6)
BackShroud of the Stonecrafter2010101525451251955 Channeling +5pct Prism Dawn Amethyst (55 mana)
FingerRing of Thunderous Forces2052420152525251251702003 Wrath of Druzzil (spell dmg +35%) Warded Tear Stone (+12 svs)
ChestUltor's Chestguard of Faith16087102525153020106185200 Marr's Blessing (healing +30 pct L67), Stun Resist +7% Pristine Ruby of Firey Warding
ArmsDakkamor's Vambraces of the Divine1756023275202576220200Discordant Healing (healing +45 pct L68) Spell shield 6% Pristine Pearl of Magical Warding (+6 magic)
WristEarthen Bracer of Fortitude10050152015181820125210200 Quickening of Druzzil (sp haste +23pct L67) Regn 5, Shielding 2, Stun Resist 4 Thrice-Warded Malachite
HandsDakkamor's Gauntlets of the Divine5525351715235575215205 Order of Trushar, Avoidance 5, DoT shielding 3 Dull Stone of Sorrow (+5 stats)
FaceVeil of Entrancement90241520202015702052153Druzzil's Range (range +25pct L67) Stun Resist 2 Regen 3 Hivegrime Stone of Willpower (mana 15, stun resist 2)
WaistHive Silk Belt20141213191965225215 Avoid 10, Dot Shield 3 Cloudy Jewel of Growth (25hp, 25 mana)
FeetDakkamor's Boots of the Divine552119201020752352255 Discordant Magic (spell dmg +45%), Stun Resist 8, dot shield 2 Hivegrime Stone of Nullification (mana 20, dot shield 2)
EarFlowing Stone of Discord1753015201718182081195235 Spell Shield 3, Dot Shield 2 Pristine Ruby of Firey Warding (Fire +6)
ShouldersDark Void Shoulders16111010131391210255 Form of Protection 1 (+10 all saves clickie) Prism Dawn Amethyst (55 mana)
NeckTalisman of the Elements17530182020201890220255Conservation of Xegony (mana -20pct L67) Regn 5, Attack +50 Prism Dawn Amethyst (55 mana)
FingerPulsing Onyx Ring175251718152215651902703Chrononostrum (duration +25pct L67) Glyph of Souls (mana 90)
EarSoothing Earstone of Striated Clay2802715251525251585245275Conservation of Xegony (mana -20% L67)) attack 20, haste 40, combat effects 4, spell shield 3% Imperfect Onyx Shard (mana +40)
RangeIrestone of Sharp Sight301515151515151575235300 Dot Sheild 5, Aura of Eternity (clicky) Hivegrime Stone of Spirit (Mana +65)

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