Lord Dragon

Lord Dragon meets an untimely end

Lord Dragon was well known in the martial arts world as a strong and dangerous opponent. In those days, there were many martial arts tecniques to choose from, and Lord Dragon learned many of them. Some of the tecniques were rare, some of them with no known practitioners. Lord Dragon acquired at great expense several medical scrolls delving into pressure points and nerve clusters. He sought to master the art of killing with a single strike to a pressure point.

He sent his men into the surrounding countryside to capture villagers and peasants on which to practice his dark arts. One after another fell to his blows as he sought to master his strike.

One peasant in particular caught Lord Dragon's eye, his round face was calm and fearless in spite of his surroundings.

"You there, what is your story? Are you some sort of idiot?"

"No Lord Dragon, I am a fast learner". He nodded towards the drawings, and said "I think I see how it is done".

On hearing this, Lord Dragon flew into a rage. He said "How dare you! I am an experienced martial artist, I have spent years mastering this technique, and you, a mere peasant, think you can do better? Guards! Release him, I am going to teach him a lesson!"

And so passed Lord Dragon, his hubris and life lost in a flash of fists and a flurry of finger strikes.

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