World of Kung Fu

The World of Kung Fu is a free to play MMORPG. As of the time of this writing is game is in beta testing. You can download the client here: http://www.worldofkungfu.com/index.cfm?action=downloads You can select from the following Kung Fu skills:
The sword is the gentleman of all weapons. It is easy to learn, but hard to master.
Hook users are skillful in recovery and regeneration, and have great ability with this unique weapon. The "hooker" is popular in groups Fan
Expert in Leechcraft and healing arts, users of the Fan may look weak, but have great power. The main healing class in the game
Hammer and Axe
Weapons of great power and damage give the wielder the ability of brute force. Brutal DPS, but not good against multiple targets Broadsword
Broadsword users are low on defense, but the ability to kill with a single blow makes them dangerous. Spear
The ancestor of all weapons. The spear commands great respect and users can fight many enemies and never be hurt.
A powerful weapon that can be used for offense and defense. This is the class I suggest due to its ability to handle multiple opponents for fast leveling Bow
Skilled in ranged combat, bow users and defeat enemies from over 100 paces. Ranged DPS class Fist
Powerful focused attacks make disciples of the way of the fist a force to be reckoned with. Popular with PVP players
I recommend the Staff as a good class due to its ability to level quickly.

The game has an in-game item mall where you can buy stuff to power up your character. In my experience, I never needed it. I never had to provide credit card or pay-pal information.

You will see a wide variety of languages and nationalities represented in game. You will also see a rich and varied spelling of english words. The chat channels will remind you of "Barrens Chat" for you WoW players, with fewer Chuck Norris jokes, and occasionaly more confrontational. This is a PVP game, and you will see people taking their frustrations to chat.

You will start in the town of Taoyuan. The game's first few levels are devoted to giving you a basic grasp of how to play the game. A tip to make quests go quickly and easily, press "M" for the Map:
Taoyuan Map
See the exclamation point on the map? If you double-click your map, your character will automatically run to that spot. Saves tons of time and effort finding the next step. Some of the quests will also have a linked location for your next NPC, which has the same effect when you click on it. Oh, and press "M" again to close your map.

When you arrive at your destination you will usually see a NPC with a scroll or some other mark over his head. Click on him to continue your quest:
Novice Mentor
Read through the information, and you will have a good idea what to do next. If not, you can always check your quest log (press Q) or your map (press M) for new information.

A typical pull with my staff character goes like this: Round up as many creatures as I can by running around and letting them agro. Hit defensive ability (Inverted Orchid Stance). Spam the White Crane Typhoon, while watching health. Whenever health too low, use a Balm to heal up, and then go back to spamming White Crane Typhoon. Immediately after the last creature is down, eat food to start building health back. Press the ` character to open the nearest drop, then ` again to loot all the items. Repeat until the drops are gone.

As you play, you will get new skills, armor sets, and weapons at different levels throughout the game.
6Skills120 eachTaoyuan or Lihue
8Armor SetJiang Xian or BrocadeTaoyuan or Lihue
10Weapon600Taoyuan or Lihue
11Skills220 eachLihue
16Skills320 eachLihue
18Armor SetYun Ying or SpiritLihue
21Skills840 eachLihue
26Skills1040 eachLihue
28Armor SetJifeng or HeyunYicheng
31Skills1240 eachLihue
36Skills1440 eachLihue
38Armor SetLiang Xian or Xue QiuShoudu
41Skills3280 eachLihue
46Skills3680 eachLihue
48Armor SetXiyue or Cloud SilkBizhou
51Skills4080 eachBizhou
58Armor Set???
61Skills4880 eachBizhou
66Skills5280 eachBizhou
68Armor Set???
71Skills5680 eachBizhou
As you can see, there are some largish gaps in this table, between levels that end in "1" and the levels that end in "6". These gaps feel hard to cross in the game, and as you get higher, the quests don't hold as much interest. They end up being more busy work than fun, and grinding the levels can get tedious.

I still feel it was worth my time to download it and give it a try.

If you have any additions, or corrections, please feel free to let me know.

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