Web Developer

Web Developer

I am a Web Developer with over 20 years of computer (my web card) programming experience, the last 5 years focused on web related technologies (ASP, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, Visual Interdev) and databases (Access, ADO, Paradox, SQL).

When I started programming, most of the job descriptions that we have now did not even exist. At times I have been a Data Architect, a Database Analyst, a Programmer, a Software Engineer, a Webmaster, or any combination of the above. I have settled for referring to myself as a Web Developer.

Many of the projects I have worked on are for intranet environments, and therefore not available on the web. Most of the sites that are visible on the web are also cases where I work with someone elses ideas and vision. My whole point is to make it look the way you want it, and as much as possible, to work with existing code and ideas without having to reinvent the wheel.

CaseClerk.com Inexpensive and easy legal research, seachable opinions back to 1900, Supreme Court, Federal Circuit, State Courts We inherited the DHTML menuing system from the previous programmer. The rest of the site was developed from Microsoft Word documents, emails, and verbal descriptions of what the web pages should contain. Microsoft Word exports, even with the compact export option, has a lot of extra HTML crammed in there. Unfortunately there was not enough time to hand optimize each page, or I would have weeded most of it out.

CityPersonals.com The phone call that will change your life, and let you meet singles from Knoxville, Nashville, Chatanooga and Atlanta. This site started with an interesting mix of incompatible technologies. The previous menuing system was totally broken, and many of the pages were out of date pages that were created with Fireworks. My main task here was to fix the broken parts, update the out of date information, and to leave the rest alone.

CourtClerk.com Search Tennessee for attorneys, courts, cases, etc. Another example of taking someone elses project and going with it. You can find a great example of my work in the way the County / State Search Buttons work. Most of the real work here was behind the scenes getting the SQL databases that drive the site refreshed from incompatible Access databases.

MistRealm.com My home site, where you can find lots of random things, mostly related to my hobbies. A little bit of everything, some rather old, some new, some experimental. This site has been a work in progress for several years, and a good place to try out coding techniques and save the results of web research.

For more details about my skills and other projects I have worked on, please refer to my resume.

If you have a web project that you think I might be able to help you with, please send email.

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