The Ancient World

Ophion (oh FY uhn): The universal serpent.

In the beginning was a storm of nothingness which clotted into the form of the serpent, Ophion, who: had no eyes because there was nothing to see. Yet he slithered this way and that among the vast rubble of space, called Chaos, searching for something that was not there. And the rage of his blind searching moved invisibly as wind. The pack of searching winds coursed like hounds and blew so hotly that they kindled a corner of Chaos and set it aflame. From this flame was born the moon-goddess, Eurynome, upon whom Ophion sired sun, earth, stars, and all living creatures.

This text was taken from Gods, Demigods & Demons, An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology, by Benard Evslin, copyright 1975, published by Scholastic Book Services inc.

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