Creation of the Universe

I do not like the idea of a created universe, either the "Big Bang" theory, or the classic "in the beginning".  A much better version of creation can be found in the stories of Eurynome and Ophion .

In my mind, creation myths come from a limitation of the human mind. When presented with the face of infinity, man balks. He cannot encompass infinite size and scope, therefore the universe must be a finite size. Mankind is born, a man lives for a time, and then he dies, and the unknowable universe ought to follow this comfortable pattern.

I prefer a much broader view.

I prefer to think that the universe has always been here, and that the universe will always be here.

There is no beginning, no end, and no edge.

I am also not a fan of the "It gets bigger, then it gets smaller" cyclical big bang idea. I have no idea who they are trying to please with that idea.

The idea that the universe is expanding is supported by what I consider a mis-interpretation of data that is called Red Shift. I prefer to think that it is in somewhat a static form, some movement, but no overall change in density.

More problems with the big bang.

What do you think?

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