Red Shift

When you measure the light from distant galaxies, it is redder than expected. This phenonema is called the "Red Shift".

Many respected scientists are taking this data, and they are using it to support a bizzare creation myth known as the "Big Bang", and they claim that the universe is expanding away from us in all directions. Once again, we are in the center of the universe somehow.

Yeah, right.

I find it easier to belive that the light waves are slowed by passing through countless layers of dust particles, and the gravity exerted by those particles slows the light passing by them.

Another alternative is that the light simply loses energy after travelling for billions of miles, over millions of years. Could that possibly have anything to do with it?

Either that, or their sums are wrong. Is this so difficult to imagine, since all we know is based on observation from our planetary perspective?

Why the Big Bang is Wrong.
Redshifts and the Hubble Law.

Remind me to put up my theories on the creation of the universe , and the mythical "light speed barrier ".

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