Dungeons and Dragons


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, first edition

1977 TSR launched Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1977 with the release of the Monster Manual the first hardbound book ever published by a game company. Statistics, descriptions, and illustrations for more than 350 monsters to populate your dungeon.
1978 Players Handbook by Gary Gygax was the second hardcover manual for AD&D. Covers character classes and spells. AD&D assumes that characters will rise up to a maximum level in the mid-20's
1979 The Dungeon Masters Guide by Gary Gygax, is published. Estimates of TSR sales as high as $23 million gross
1980 Greyhawk campaign setting launched. Estimates of TSR sales as high as $45 million gross
Deities & Demigods, '80; 2013 Contains 17 pantheons, including Cthulhu and Melnibonean.
1981 Fiend Folio was sort of a British counterpart to the Monster Manual. It was compiled in part from the pages of White Dwarf, but also included monsters previously unique to specific published modules. Estimates of TSR sales as high as $60-90 million with net income of $28 million
1983 Monster Manual II, '83; 2016
1984 Dragonlance campaign setting launched
1985 Oriental Adventures rulebook, '85; 2018
Unearthed Arcana, '85; 2017
Legends & Lore, '85; 2013
Battlesystem®, boxed set, '85; 1019
1986 Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, '86; 2019
Wilderness Survival Guide, '86; 2020
1987 Manual of the Planes, '87; 2022
1988 Dungeon Master's Design Kit
1989 Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

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