Dungeons and Dragons

Gaming Schedule

There are anywhere from 3 to 8 of us, typically around 6 make it to any particular game. There are a few stragglers here and there as well, that show up when the moon is blue, or under some other strange rule I have yet to decipher.

Currently, we play weekly on Monday evenings, typically starting around 6:00 PM, and it usually lasts until around 11:30. Many of the players have to wake up far too early the next day to play any later.

We currently playing Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. So far so good. I have not yet (gasp) managed to read all of the third edition rules, but we seem to have a good batch of folks who do read the book.

Previous Campaigns

One of the more interesting second edition campaigns was set in Myth Drannor.

For a while I was really into the idea of running GURPS, but my campaign ran out of steam when one of the characters took the alien evil from Event Horizon and dropped it off in the Earth's pre-historic past. At least he DID manage to nuke the pyramids first.

I am planning on starting up a new dungeons and dragons campaign using some classic modules some time in the near future. The typical low level characters wandering around time-worn favorite modules. That sort of thing.

We are located in East Tennessee, about halfway between Dandridge and Sevierville, 20 odd minutes from Knoxville.

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