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Oriental Campaign Setting

When Wizards of the Coast published the latest edition of Oriental Adventures, it included Rokugan as the official sample setting. Rokugan is best known for being the setting of the Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) collectible card game and Roleplaying Game, which are published by The Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). However, shortly after the publication of Oriental Adventures, AEG obtained all the publishing rights to all L5R properties. For a brief time, AEG published supplements that featured both L5R and D20 based mechanics. However, development of all D20 based Rokugan material has recently ceased, as Oriental Adventures is now out of print, and AEG, has decided to focus solely on L5R based supplements for the next edition of The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game.
2116 MC6 Kara-Tur Monstrous Compendium
9164 OA1 Swords of the Daimyo
9186 OA2 Night of the Seven Swords
9195 OA3 Ochimo: The Spirit Warrior
9203 OA4 Blood of the Yakuza

The Oriental Adventures hardback can be found on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons page.

Modules OA5, OA6, OA7 and FROA1 as well as accessory TM5 and the Kara-Tur boxed set can all be found on the Forgotten Realms page.

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