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Undermountain Campaign

For those of you who may not be in the know, Ed Greenwood is one of the all time greatest contributors to the Dungeons and Dragons game, and the Descent to the UnderMountain boxed set is one of his best efforts.

This is actually the second (or more) time that we have started this one back up again. We meet up with some of the same the characters a few years after the last venture to the UnderMountain (1993 or so), and a few new faces.

The party goal, should they choose to accept it (and they did), is to find a route from Waterdeep, through the dungeon, to Skullport. Initially they will be dropping off a gem to a local alchemist (a thin excuse, but it will do for now).

The party happens to have a large stack of maps left from the old adventuring, strangely enough a handful from Level 1, and Level 3. They managed to get to a stairway down rather easily (the flaming staircase, if you are familiar with it).

Now they are starting to map Level 2 in ernest.


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